5 Ogun Prayers: For Protection, Justice And Luck

5 Ogun Prayers: For Protection, Justice And Luck

From the beginning of time, there have always been deities mankind can pray to and to date, those deities still exist.

If for any reason you feel unprotected, unlucky or you believe that your safety is being threatened, do not be afraid because there is something you can do about it.

You can take your problems to this powerful deity in prayer and sooner than you expect, you will receive your answers.

This powerful deity is no other but the great Ogun, and in this article, we’ll be covering 5 very powerful prayers you can say this mighty deity.

1) Prayer To Ogun For Protection

Prayer To Ogun For Protection
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“O Great Ogun, a mighty and noble warrior of the Orishas,

I call upon your divine protection and power. You are powerful enough to defend me against all obstacles in my life, despite their size or shape, including physical enemies and spiritual adversaries.

Your raised machete is a sight to behold, fiercely shattering any darkness or misfortune that dares stand before you.

 On this day, I seek your blessing and guidance in granting me safety amidst any trials or tribulations that may arise.  May your glittering wisdom shine throughout my being and deliver me from evil with unending loyalty!

Praise be to Ogun! Ashe.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Everyone wants to live a secure and safe life. So, if for any reason you begin to suspect that your safety is being threatened, you will become afraid.

There’s no doubt that the Police or any other security body of the society we live in all work so hard to ensure that we are protected at all times. But, we all know that their protection is limited and can only cover a particular area at a particular time. 

To ensure that you are always protected irrespective of where you go, the best thing to do is to say the prayer in this article. Be rest assured that the moment you begin to pray to Ogun, he will hear you and answer your prayers.

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2) Ogun Prayer For Justice

Ogun Prayer For Justice
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“O Great Ogun!

King of Justice, wielder of the mighty axe and sword, a valiant warrior who strives for truth and fairness. I implore you to deliver justice through your all-knowing wisdom and bestow the power to discern facts from falsehood. 

Let no wrongdoer prevail in their wickedness, that those proven innocent be protected from untrustworthy behavior and vile accusations; let them receive mercy where it is due with reverence for their strength.

Hear me now, Oh Powerful One, as I thank thee for answering my desperate plea and upholding righteousness. May you remain our Guardian of Justice so that justice shall always reign triumphant over injustice!


Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Have you ever been in a situation of injustice? Maybe you have been wrongly charged and accused of something you did not do.

If you have ever experienced this in any form, you’ll agree that everyone deserves justice. If you’re currently in a situation that you desperately need Jjustice to be served, then this prayer is for you.

 Ogun is the king of Justice and he hates it whenever someone is wrongly charged or accused.

Instead of whining and complaining about how life is unfair, you should say this prayer like your life depends on it.

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3) Ogun Prayer For Good Luck

Ogun Prayer For Good Luck
Prayer to print

“Father Ogun, great and mighty Orisha,

I call upon you on this day to open the paths before me and grant me good luck. Your power is unrivaled, and your work unmatched; I bow in homage before you with great confidence and reverence. 

Help me clear all obstacles blocking my path, allowing only what has been divinely orchestrated by You to remain in my life’s journey. With iron strength break down any walls built against me, and may peace turn turmoil into tranquility as You bring forth good luck in every endeavor I take part in. 

May every closed door be opened through Your might so that I may pursue what is best for me, provided it heeds Your will first and foremost. Ashe.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

One of the powerhouses of life is good luck. With good luck, you will realize that life is easier and more enjoyable when everything goes exactly the way you want it.

If you have noticed that you’ve been having a streak of bad luck or things have been going horribly wrong, then this is your cue to get up and say this prayer. 

This prayer is a very powerful prayer and it can clear every bad and negative energy around you. Do not say this prayer carelessly, instead, say it with all seriousness and let Ogun take care of the rest.

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4) Prosperity Prayer For Ogun

Prosperity Prayer For Ogun
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“Ogun, mighty Orisha, I come before you in reverence and devotion, asking for your aid.

I pray that your axe’s strength will help open a path to financial abundance. Grant me prosperity and success so my money flow will increase in boundless quantities. 

Guide me safely as I journey to riches beyond measure. Clothe me with good fortune beyond what I can imagine. Help me attain financial security while protecting all my resources from misfortune or poverty.

In your holy name, Ogun, create a new world of wealth for me. Ashe!”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Everyone desires prosperity, yes that’s true. In fact, there’s no one who doesn’t desire a certain level of prosperity, whether it’s big or small

If you’re a lover of abundance, prosperity and a truckload of money, then this prayer is all you have been looking for. 

This prayer was specially written for you. All you have to do is take it seriously and believe in the prayer as you say it.

Many people who have prayed to Ogun for wealth and prosperity have confirmed that Ogun truly answers the prayers of his people.

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5) Ogun Prayer Against Enemies And Dangerous People

Ogun Prayer Against Enemies And Dangerous People
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“Ogun, mighty and powerful deity!

I come to you today humbly asking for your protection. Please use your strength and divine power to destroy my enemies, their plots, scheming, and all related entities.

I place my loyalty, unwavering faith in you, and absolute fidelity at the foot of your altar. In return, I ask that you stand by me always as a source of strength on which I can depend.

Ogun, emanate invincible armor around me that protects from their wickedness while allowing justice to prevail, so they get the punishment they rightfully deserve. 

Destroy them swiftly and let an example be set, so this never happens again.


Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

This prayer is one of the most powerful prayers you can say for your enemies to be destroyed. The truth is, there’s no one without an enemy.

If you think that you’re such a nice person and literally everyone loves you, then you’re wrong. The world we live in is messed up and no matter how good you treat people, they will always hate you.

 Believe us, whether you think you have an enemy or you do not, this prayer will help keep everything in check.

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Who Is Ogun?

Ogun is the god of war and iron. He is the guardian divinity of:

  • Barbers;
  • Blacksmiths;
  • Butchers;
  • Goldsmithss;
  • Hunters;
  • All workers in iron and steel.

Ogun stands for justice and is called on to witness covenants.

Will Ogun Really Help Me With My Request?

Yes, Ogun will help you with your requests. He is a powerful deity and he is merciful unto those that call him for help.

Do not worry, the great Ogun will not turn his back on you.

When Can i Start Praying?

Right NOW!  You can start saying these prayers now. There won’t be another perfect time to say these prayers.

Do not procrastinate or wait for any sign to start saying these prayers. The best time to start is now.


Everyone desires justice, good luck and protection. If you have ever had a series of bad things happen to you all at once, then you know how horrible it can be to live a life filled with bad luck.

The prayers in this article are very powerful and each was written to meet a specific need. Ensure that you take these prayers seriously and watch the great Ogun play out his part.

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