5 Obatala Prayers: For Protection, Peace, and Good Luck

5 Obatala Prayers: For Protection, Peace, and Luck

When Olofin and Oloddumare, powerful deities of the Yoruba tribe, created the universe, they offered Obatala, their son, the responsibility of watching over the creations. In other words, it’s believed that Obatala became a co-creator, being able to produce more of what his parents did. 

The Yoruba people of Ghana and Nigeria have prayed to this god for different needs for hundreds of years till today. He can intervene in many aspects of life and intercede for afflicted ones. 

Below are five beautiful Obatala prayers for protection, peace, and luck.

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1) Obatala Prayer for Protection

Obatala Prayer for Protection
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“Lord Obatala, King of all Kings, 

I come before you, asking for your intercession to the creator regarding my protection. Please, may you shield me from all the evil plans of the devil so that they may not bring me down. 

I put a wall of protection around my health, rebuking all sicknesses and my family, believing you will walk with us every step. 

May you see everyone facing any threat and protect them, father, for you’ve saved so many. So be it. Amen.”

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Obatala has consistently remained one of the most honored deities among the Yoruba Orishas. Therefore, believers seek his guidance and advice in nearly all life matters, believing in his protection as they sail through. 

The above prayer is a great way to ask for protection from various issues, including enemies, sicknesses, failure, and much more. You must pray to the god with great faith and trust, addressing Obatala as a king and gathering.

Speak to him from the depth of your heart so he can intercede for you before his father. 

2) Obatala Prayer for Peace

Obatala Prayer for Peace
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“Father Obatala, Lord of all good things, 

We bow before you, asking you to grant us immense peace in everything we deal with. Allow calmness to come into our lives through different angles so that whatever we do succeeds without much trouble. 

May You bring transformation in our hearts and minds so we may recognize situations, relationships, or thoughts that seek to steal our peace of mind. 

This we ask in your name. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Finding peace of mind in your daily life should never be taken for granted. While it’s nearly impossible not to face a few tricky situations, that should not be the order of your life. 

Negative thoughts and actions due to a lack of peace can quickly drive you into depression and other unhealthy conditions. Regardless of whatever you are experiencing, from family issues to illnesses or heartbreak, this Obatala prayer for peace will help you regain your energy. 

Taking some time off and reciting these prayers yourself is one way to calm harsh thoughts and attract peace. You can also share them with someone battling the same issue as you

3) Prayer to Obatala for Good Luck

Prayer to Obatala for Good Luck
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“O Most Powerful Obatala, my Father, 

I pray for good luck and that you may guide me through these challenging times with your love and power. Please take away any opposing forces that may try to interrupt my journey to success. 

I pray for strength and light as I strive to achieve the best. Please open my eyes wider so I may recognize what will push me to triumph and embrace them. 

I pray this in your mighty name. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Why would you struggle with bad luck when you can reach out to Orisha Obatala for good luck and better days? The above prayer seeks to eliminate any opposing forces holding you back from victory through the power of god

However, before you start saying this prayer, it’s essential to remember you could be facing hard times for a reason. Obatala sometimes puts his children through something to teach them a vital lesson. 

Hence, you should seek to understand what lesson the divine world has for you through bad luck with the help of a spiritual leader. 

4) Obatala Prayer for a Good Day

Obatala Prayer for a Good Day
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“O Great Father of Heavens and Earth, 

Thank you for waking me today to see another beautiful day and live for your glory. I bring this day before your presence, praying that you make it suitable and remove any negative energy. 

Grant me the discernment and wisdom to use what’s around me to have a good day and bless others. At the end, please remind me to praise your name for all the blessings. 

So be it. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

When everything goes smoothly, we forget that it’s not through our power and neglect to pray for a good day. Anything can happen any day, but we often pray only when bad things happen. 

We should always pray for good days even when nothing wrong has happened and thank god for his blessings. When you wake up each morning, greet the heavens with a prayer for a good day before you proceed to other activities. 

From there, you should focus on the positive things, no matter how little, and thank god for them. Remember to ask for protection against various misfortunes like anxiety, accidents, unimaginable traffic, and any other. 

5) Obatala Prayer for a Special Request

Obatala Prayer for a Special Request
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“The Purest of all men, Obatala,

You know and see everything above and below, regardless of where you are. I come to you with a prayer for a special request regarding my issue. 

I ask you to help me with (mention your request).

If this is the best for me, I ask you to grant my heart desires. Please provide the opportunities, resources, and strength to make this happen in your name. 

Obtain for me the favor I desire in this. Be glorified! Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Do you have a special request you’ve wanted to pray for and see it happen? You can pray this powerful Obatala prayer for a special request and watch things unfold positively

It does not matter what you desire to achieve or the complexity of doing so. With these prayers, you will surely accomplish it and much more, especially if you have unshakeable faith in Orisha Obatala. 

Remember, at some point, everyone needed extra help with something. Besides the prayers, you also seek physical and emotional support from a friend, colleague, sibling, or parent.

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Who is Obatala?

As highlighted earlier, Orisha Obatala is one of the oldest gods of the beliefs of the Yoruba religion. This son of Olofin and Oloddumare was awarded the authority to co-create what his parents had put on earth

A tradition states that Obatala was initially tasked with creating the earth but failed because he was drunk, and his little brother Oduduwa took over. Believers have since embraced Orisha’s ‘second’ responsibility by praying to him for different requests. 

Will Obatala Really Help Me With My Request?

The last thing you can do is doubt the power of Oba Obatala to help you with your request. Being considered a representative of fatherhood, protection, and peace, you can pray to him all your needs, like a child asks their father, and be sure he will grant. 

All you need to have is unwavering faith in him, believing he can and will indeed help with your requests. Spiritual leaders also urge believers to pray for one another to please Obatala to attend to their needs. 

When Can I Start Praying?

You can start making your requests known to Orisha Obatala as soon as possible. He is always waiting to hear from his children.

However, Sunday is often associated with this god, considered the first day of the week in many cultures. 

Some numbers are linked to this god of all children, like 8 and 16. Therefore, believers can make special prayers on the eighth and sixteenth day of the month in honor of Obatala. 


We hope these prayers to Obatala will be helpful as you seek protection, peace, and luck. While you pray, it’s vital to learn more about this god, including what symbols he’s associated with or offerings that can be given to him. 

By practicing the rituals with the Orisha, you will connect with him deeper and please the other gods, opening more channels of blessings. Remember, the most incredible way to seek blessings is to live righteously and pray for other believers. 

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