7 Shango Prayers: Protection, Money, and Abundance 

7 Shango Prayers: Protection, Money, and Abundance 

Every believer desires protection from different misfortunes, financial blessings (money) to manage various needs, and abundance in whatever they desire. However, many do not know how to make their request known to God appropriately regarding these things

God promises in 2 Corinthians 9:8 to bless us abundantly so that we can have all we need, including protection, money, and abundance. Without the above blessings, there are various things you may not be able to fulfill. 

Therefore, this blog will provide seven incredible to Shango regarding protection, money, and abundance

1) Shango Prayer for Protection

Shango Prayer for Protection
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“O great Shango, my King, 

I draw near you this hour, praying for maximum protection from all opposing forces the evil one has directed my way. 

Please watch over me and cover me with your powers so that no obstacle will hinder my success. May you avail yourself to me in every way possible so I can be assured of your protection. 

So be it. Amen.”

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Shango is a great king among the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, and a highly beloved saint believed to have several powers. This warrior isn’t only dominant but also loves dancing, drumming, and music in general.

The people of Yoruba pray to this ruler for different needs. The above prayer is a short sample of how believers should request protection from god.

This god is believed to be protective and understanding to the children and faithful ones as he always listens and attends to their needs whenever they call him

2) Prayer to Shango for Abundance 

Prayer to Shango for Abundance
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“Powerful Shango, King of music,  

I am before with a heart full of gratitude for everything you have blessed me with. Today, I pray that you may shower me with abundance for protection, money, and prosperity so I may confidently satisfy my daily needs. 

O, great Xango, may you forgive me all the sins that may deprive me of abundance in my life. Please take away thoughts of greed and selfishness for whatever you have blessed me with. 

In your mighty name, may it be so. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Abundance generally refers to a massive quantity of something. However, from a spiritual perspective, believers can only pray for abundant things that please God. 

For instance, if you pray for abundant money, you should ensure you use the finances wisely, like by fulfilling family needs or helping the less privileged. 

According to the Yoruba elders, it’s believed that whenever you want to pray to Shango or other Orishas, you must acknowledge their unique qualities and attributes. They will be entertained and moved to attend to your requests and needs. 

3) Shango Prayer for Money 

Shango Prayer for Money
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“O Holy Shango, King of Santeria, 

With a troubled heart, I bow before your presence as I pray for financial blessings. My King, please help me overcome this frustration and meet my daily needs. 

May you bless me financially and lead me to opportunities that will diversify my sources of income. Above all, I pray for the wisdom to manage my finances well so I don’t fall into huge debts. 

Thank you, my Xango. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Money is a profound necessity in human life as we require it to settle different needs, especially the basics. Shango is the Orisha that has been bestowed the powers to grant financial breakthroughs and prosperity to believers. 

You can seek his intervention through the above prayer for money. We must approach Sango with much faith and trust when expressing our needs to him.

We must also speak them out with unshakeable confidence, showing that we believe in his ability to help us. 

As highlighted earlier, believers must ensure they use the money in a manner that pleases the gods. Do not forget to return prayers of thanksgiving for the blessings. 

4) Prayer to Shango for Good Luck 

Prayer to Shango for Good Luck
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“Blessed Orisha Shango, God of Thunder, 

Thank you for watching over us daily, even when we fall short of your glory. Today, we draw near your presence, praying for good luck in different aspects of our lives. 

Grant us the courage to explore different opportunities, knowing we have your favor. Please do not abandon us in this request that we make of you. 

Let it be so great, Shango. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Praying is the best way to seek good luck in whatever you do. If you’ve been struggling with fear of initiating a new chapter due to past failure or other reasons, you can confidently say the above prayer to Shango for good luck. 

This great Orisha will guide you and clear any stumbling blocks hindering you from achieving your full potential. Show him you recognize his power to help you and sincerely pray for his intervention. 

Do not be afraid to admit you’re inferior and cannot stand alone. Most importantly, work hard so Shango can bless your efforts with good luck. 

5) Prayer to Shango for a Special Request

Prayer to Shango for a Special Request
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“Almighty Shango, the Drum King, 

Thank you for being my guiding light and protector. At this moment, I come before with a special request. You have assured you have plans for your children and hear their prayers when they call you. 

Please hear my special request and listen to my heart’s desires, including what seems impossible before man. May your love and goodness bring peace to my heart today. 

I ask with unwavering faith in You. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

We all have something in our hearts that we desire so badly. Sometimes, it’s not advisable to tell friends and colleagues about your special requests because they may not be of much help. 

The best step is praying to God to grant you favor in your intentions. Shango is the traditional god, linked to prayers for special requests like love, money, prosperity, abundance, or favor. 

You can pray above to him, and he will fulfill your desires. The most crucial thing is to be honest and sincere in your requests and remain hopeful for a great outcome. 

6) Prayer to Ask Health to Shango

Prayer to Ask Health to Shango
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“My Shango, my Protector and Giver, 

I come before your presence with thanksgiving for the gift of life. Today, I pray that you may bless me with good health and shield me from all infections and diseases. 

May you keep my organs functioning correctly to the glory of your name. Please remind me to praise for this good health and not take it for granted. 

Thank you, Shango. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Health is a substantial need in human life as we need it to navigate various milestones. Without good health, you may be unable to work for your daily needs, serve others, or live peacefully. 

The above prayer is to ask for good health from the Orisha of dancing and fire. Whether you’re praying for your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health, you can be guaranteed immense comfort and peace of mind through this devotion. 

The traditional Yoruba people diligently look unto Shango for their health needs, believing he can prevent and heal all illnesses. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t only say the prayer when struggling with a health issue but praise him even on your good days. 

7) Shango Prayer for a Good Day at Work 

Shango Prayer for a Good Day at Work
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“My Dear Shango, the King of Kings, 

Thank you for giving me a place to work so I can manage my daily needs and those of my family. Today, I invite you to be with me as I strive to perform my duties. 

Please help me to remain a person of integrity before you and my colleagues. Teach me to handle work challenges with wisdom and confidence and not let them impact my determination. 

I ask this in your mighty name. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Your work (employment, business, or investment) should represent the goodness of the Lord. Therefore, as you prepare to start your duties, you should pray for peace at work

Since frustrations at work are nearly inevitable, the best thing is to pray for the wisdom and patience to tackle them in a godly way. Remember that Shango is with you wherever you go. 

Who is Shango?

Shango is one of the great Orishas (Yoruba gods) associated with thunder, lightning, virility, dance, drumming, and music. He is also known as Xango, Sango, or Chango, depending on various tribal variations. 

The Orisha is the fourth King of the Yoruba people, preceded by Oshun, Obatala, and Yemaya. Since his ordination, the Yoruba people of Ghana and Nigeria have been turning to him for guidance and blessings to portray his qualities. 

Will Shango Really Help Me With My Requests?

Indeed! You can be assured that Shango will hear and attend to your requests. Nevertheless, believers are encouraged to show adequate faith in him when praying.

Furthermore, your deeds play a crucial role in the effectiveness of these prayers. Emulating his qualities and teachings is essential for him to answer your requests. 

When Can I Start Praying?

You can start saying these prayers as early as now. The mighty god of lightning is always ready for your prayers regardless of the time, day, or season. 

Saying thanksgiving prayers alongside different offerings to Shango would also be effective. Spiritualists recommend foods and drinks, especially red ones like pomegranates. Others include candles, cigars, and tobacco, depending on one’s practices and beliefs. 

Shango Will Help You!

Shango remains a powerful god (Orisha) among the four pillars of Santeria who portrays both masculine and feminine energy. Hopefully, these seven beautiful prayers will be effective as you strive to connect with him

You can also create a particular space in your home to create a small altar or pray the seven rays of Shango to foster a deeper relationship. Other believers prefer lighting candles in meditation on the qualities and powers of this Orisha. 

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