5 Oya Prayers: For Protection, Change And Health

5 Oya Prayers: For Protection, Change And Health

One of the basic needs we all want as humans is to feel protected and safe at all times.

You’ll agree that there’s this level of confidence, the feeling of safety gives us, and if you go on with your daily activities without having that sense of safety, then it’s likely your mind will not be at rest. 

One of the best ways to ensure that you feel safe and protected at all times is to pray for protection. Also, if you’re tired of the way things are going in your life, you can do something about your life by praying for a change.

In this article, we’ll be covering 5 Powerful Oya prayers you can say to the Goddess Oya. These prayers are very powerful and in no time, you will receive your answers. 

1) Oya Prayer For Protection

Oya Prayer For Protection
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Glorious Oya,

You are an example of so many virtues, loyalty and devotion. I turn to you to protect myself from so many dangers that threaten me daily.

I implore you to take care of my enemies, evil spirits, misfortune and all the unforeseen events that could harm me. May your blessing be with me at all times. I humbly ask you to protect me from so much darkness.

I invoke your great intercession because I trust you and as long as you walk by my side, there will be no evil that could harm me.


Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

As we mentioned earlier, nothing beats you knowing that you are protected and safe at all times.

If for any reason, you feel that your safety has been threatened or some people are plotting evil against you, then you have to say this prayer.

Do not fret about the Goddess Oya not answering your prayer because she will. She has a track record of protecting her people and she will protect you from every form of harm that may come your way.

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2) Oya Prayer For Change

Oya Prayer For Change
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I seek the wisdom and guidance of Oya, the guardian of transformation.

I recognize that natural forces are often uncontrollable, but Mother Oya is here to help me maintain peace during times of lightning storms and chaos.

 I come to her seeking spiritual understanding in hopes of personal transformation, a new faith, renewal in hope, steadied desire, and moments that bring true sense.

Help me begin this journey with strength and courage to open myself up to becoming a better version of myself.

Oh, sweet Oya, hear my prayer. Ashé.

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

There’s no kind of prayer the Goddess Oya does not answer. Whether it’s a prayer for change, protection, money love or Luck, she will answer it all.

The Goddess understands that Change is one of the constant things in life and it’s actually a bad thing for someone to remain in one position forever.

So, if you know or feel it’s time for your life to move forward, then say this prayer with all your heart and watch The Goddess Oya turn things around for you.

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3) Short Oya Prayer For Good Luck

Short Oya Prayer For Good Luck
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My mother is Oya, she is the blessed mother of Oyo.

It is my mother who brings the wind from heaven where our ancestors live. Oyá is the spirit that lives in the tornado.

Mother, do not allow chaos to flourish in my life. It is you who plays with the leaves of the trees when they have movement. The bearer of the colorful crown.

My mother Oya blesses me, and the winds of earth and heaven bring me good fortune, protect me mother and allow my life to prosper. Ashé.

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

If there’s anything almost everyone in life needs, then it’s good luck. Nobody desires to live a life full of bad luck or ill luck.

Although there are certain things in life that can trigger bad luck or chains of bad luck in our lives, that does not mean we have to accept it as a part of us.

If you have noticed any form of bad luck or reoccurring bad events in your life, then you need to take this prayer seriously. The Great Oya is known to bring good luck to everyone who asks her, and she will do the same for you.

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4) Oya Miracle Prayer For Money

Oya Miracle Prayer For Money
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Blessed mother, ancestral mother, the mother of the nine skirts, of the nine colored fabrics, mother owner of the buffalo skin.

You are the owner of the business, the market, and everything that exists in the square. Your energy moves without stopping among the noise produced by the merchants.

I ask you that, in the same way, my finances do not stop, that money, gold, silver and copper flow through my house in abundance. May there be no lack of bread on my table, and that all my needs are covered. Sign my job, and prosper my business.

Adored mother, I implore you to take charge of my stability as you very well know how to do it, protect my finances, that money comes to me like metal to magnet.

I place the success of my plans and projects in your hands because with your blessing I always count. Ashé.

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Money is one of the main necessities of life. Without money, you will live a life full of struggles. If you desire money, then know that this powerful prayer was crafted especially for those in need of money.

Say it with all your heart and watch Oya bless you with loads of money.

5) Oya Prayer For Prosperity And Money

Oya Prayer For Prosperity And Money
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Oya Yanza, strong and powerful warrior, you are the voice of fire and wind.

In your hand, you carry a sword forged with the most valuable metals, reinforced by the harshness of time. There is no obstacle that stands before you, nor an enemy that stands in front of you.

That is why today, my mother, I come to you with my request. I am in desire of money and prosperity and I believe in your power to bless me with the kind of money and prosperity I seek. 

Cause the elements of the earth and the four corners of this world to favor me and bless me with abundance in money and prosperity, Ashé.

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Everyone wants a life of money and prosperity. Everyone wants to live a fancy and luxurious life, and if you belong to the category of people who want this, know that you can have it all.

The Great Goddess, Oya is a giver of wealth, prosperity and every good thing you can ask for. Say this  prayer and see how Oya will grant all of your heart desires.

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Who Is Oya?

Oya is an orisha, or spirit, who some refer to as a goddess. Oya is a goddess of many things who is venerated in many places and by many people.

She is venerated by Yorubas, those who practice some sects of Voodoo, those who practice Brazilian Candomblé, Santeríans, as well as some new age people who feel called by her.

Her name means “she tore” after how she uses groundbreaking things to rip away old things to create room for change.

Will Oya Really Help With My Request?

Yes, the Goddess Oya will help you with your request. It doesn’t matter where you say your prayers from, Oya will hear you and she will do all you have asked her to.

When Can I Start Praying?

The best time to start praying is NOW. Do not wait any longer to say these prayers.

Remember, desperate times require desperate measures and your desperate measure is to start praying right now. 


Safety, change and good health. These are the 3 basic needs we all want as humans. If these three things are missing in our lives, then there’s no doubt we’ll be living very miserable lives. 

The good news is, we can pray all of these things into existence. We can pray for our protection, change in life and good health, so do not be worried if things have not been working out well for you in these 3 areas. 

The prayers in this article are very powerful, keep your eyes peeled for all the things you have asked for, because you will receive them in no time. 

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