7 Prayers for Heart Surgery: Catholic Prayers With Images

7 Prayers for Heart Surgery: Catholic Prayers With Images

Warning: None of the prayers in this article are intended to replace the need for professional medical monitoring, medical examinations, diagnoses or treatments. You should always consult your doctor and seek professional help.

Heart surgery or cardiovascular surgery is a serious type of surgery that can determine the life of an individual. 

This surgery is used to treat issues relating to the heart and also relating to blood vessels and others. 

I believe that God can influence surgeries, and turn them around for the benefit of those that call upon Him. 

There are certain prayers to pray for heart surgery. It is mostly recommended for Catholics.

However, God wants to hear the prayers of everyone – catholic or not. This is why you can also say these prayers if you are not a catholic.

When you say these prayers, trust God to bless the surgery and heal you faster than you have ever imagined.

1) Powerful prayer for heart surgery

Powerful prayer for heart surgery
Prayer to print

“Dear God, I pray for your healing touch on my heart as I prepare for surgery. Please give the medical team wisdom and skill as they operate, and protect me from any complications. Help me to trust in your plan for my life and find peace in your presence. Help me to have strength to overcome this phase of my life. Help me to have hope to survive. I believe in You, I believe You will help me, now and forevermore… In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

This powerful prayer for heart surgery brings down the hand of God. It invites God into the situation and causes His divine intervention to make everything go perfectly fine.

When should you say this prayer?

I strongly recommend saying this prayer a few hours before the surgery. I would have recommended saying the prayer a few minutes into the surgery. 

When you say this prayer, the power of God is released and everything turns out in the favour of your loved one (who is going through heart surgery).

The powerful prayer for heart surgery releases tremendous power. Just ensure to have faith in your heart that everything you say through this prayer will come to pass as you have said them.

Are you ready to pray?

Then, say these prayers with me right now.

2) Prayer for open heart surgery

Prayer for open heart surgery
Prayer to print

“Father God, I’m going to have open heart surgery, something that scares the hell out of me! I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to think, I don’t even know where to get strength. That’s why I pray to you! That’s why I pray to You, because I know I can trust You, I can trust in Your strength, in Your powers, and Your miracles to help me.

I ask You with faith to fill my heart with strength, faith and hope. I know that everything will go well, because You will always be by my side. Amen.”

This type of surgery is more serious and complicated. With one mistake, death is inevitable.

However, we can show our trust in God by praying to him, and asking that his blessings come upon the process.

These prayers for open heart surgery are one of the prayers I have learned to pray for anyone who is about to go through that medical protocol.

These prayers cover a whole lot of things ranging from the operation process to the doctors. It also covers the post-operative processes, and so on. 

With this prayer, you can believe in God to not only bring you through the operation successfully but also heal you from all the post-operative wounds you might incur as a result of the process.

Now, ensure you start saying this prayer 2 weeks into the surgery. You can say this prayer twice per day (morning and night) with faith in your heart. 

It brings assurance to you and takes away the fear of death. 

3) Catholic prayer for someone having heart surgery

Catholic prayer for someone having heart surgery
Prayer to print

“God, (name) is having open heart surgery. (Name) will be connected to a heart-lung machine during their surgery. (His/her) heart will be stopped during the surgery and the machine will do the work of the heart and lungs while (his/her) heart is stopped.

All of this sounds terrifying! There are many serious possible complications that it’s overwhelming. I know this is an invitation to trust in You. I know everything will happen according to your will.

Please bless the hands of the doctors as they work on (name). Please help this to be just a routine surgery and to go off without a hitch! Thank you God for your steadfast love and protection. In Your Name, I pray. Amen.”

Do you know someone having heart surgery?

Then, don’t just sympathize with the person, and hope that everything will be fine. Get on your knees and begin to pray for such an individual. 

When you do this, you are telling God that you care so much about the person, and you are playing your part in the spiritual realm to ensure that everything turns out perfectly.

The catholic prayer for someone having heart surgery is a midnight prayer. You can say this prayer 3 times a week at midnight. 

Also, ensure you continue making this request to God even during the heart surgery process. This is a simple prayer and I will write it out for you below:

4) Prayer for a successful surgery

Prayer for a successful surgery
Prayer to print

“Father God, I’m going to have a surgery that worries me a lot. I’m scared, not knowing what to do, what to think and not knowing where to get strength. It’s hard, it’s very hard! I need faith, I need strength and I need hope.

That’s why I resort to Your powers! I turn to You, because I trust that You will help me to have a successful surgery (talk about the surgery)! I know that everything will go well, that I will wake up in a good mood, relieved and happy.

I ask You to never leave me. I ask that you never stop being by my side. With you, God the Father, everything will be possible.


Having a successful surgery does not just depend on the competence of doctors. It largely depends on the power of God to turn things around. This is why prayer is crucial at such a moment. 

By saying the prayer for a successful surgery, you can expect everything to go as expected

With this prayer, expect the hand of God to move.

This prayer is special, and powerful, and can cause a miracle to happen even when you least expect it.

Now, there are times the doctor might tell you that the probability of success is 50:50. Once this happens, this prayer can be released to make sure that the surgery is successful and hitch-free. 

You can say this prayer any time of the day and expect a response from heaven.

5) Prayer for someone undergoing surgery

Prayer for someone undergoing surgery
Prayer to print

“God Almighty Father, I come to pray not in my name, but in the name of (name of the person) who is going to go through a terrible moment in his life.

(Person’s name) is in surgery right now. You are fighting for your life. I pray to you, God, the Almighty Father, to help this person to overcome this difficult time of health.

I ask You to give that person strength, to give them courage and to help them wake up happy, in a good mood and recover.

Father, give hope to (person’s name).
Father, give patience to (person’s name).
Father, give strength to (person’s name) to get through this terrible time.

Help him that everything goes well and that this is not just a terrible phase.
Amen. Amen. Amen.”

As a concerned individual, you should keep this prayer on your lips every time of the day for the person undergoing surgery.

God is an expert at turning impossible situations to become possible ones. This is why you should hold on to him through this prayer.

By saying this prayer, you are proving to God that you trust Him enough to cause a miracle to happen.

Start by thanking Him for the success of the surgery. When you do this, faith is released for the prayer process, which makes it effective and powerful.

God wants to hear your voice right now. Therefore, say these prayers with me.

6) Prayer to recover from an open heart surgery

Prayer to recover from an open heart surgery
Prayer to print

“Dear God, thank you so much for getting (name) through (his/her) surgery. I am so grateful for your protection during the procedure. You have blessed us abundantly. Please help the recovery from surgery to go smoothly. Please make the pain as minimal as possible!

(Name) will surely start getting antsy quickly. (Name) doesn’t like to be idle, so please just help (her/him) to remember to use this time of rest to rest in You. Help (name) to embrace this time of recovery as opportunity to grow in humility and gratitude.”

Have you recently gone through open heart surgery?

Then, you should be concerned about recovering faster. 

Without proper recovery, you will find it hard to resume your normal duties. This might pause your life a lot and slow things down around you.

This is why you should say this prayer every day.

Tell God to help you to recover faster from the wounds of the operation. Tell God to strengthen you quickly so that you can return to your normal business activities. 

You can start by first thanking Him for getting you through the operation. Doing this builds faith in your heart and it is also a show of gratitude.

7) Prayer for heart surgery patients

Prayer for heart surgery patients
Prayer to print

“I ask with all my strength and with all my faith that patients undergoing heart surgery have strength, faith and hope.

I pray for all patients who are scared. I pray for all patients who are without faith. And I pray for all the patients who are without strength.

I want to offer my strength to all patients waiting for heart surgery. I want to offer faith, hope, love and the miracles of God.

So be it,

You don’t need to have anybody going through heart surgery

As a spiritual person, you can simply pray for heart surgery patients all over the world. This is what we call “intercession”.

Now, this prayer is a bit broad. You don’t know the names of people. So, it would be impossible to have a focused image. 

However, just start by thanking God for what he is about to do for those patients. Then, say the following prayers to God on their behalf.

Should I pray for other people?

Yes, you should pray for other people. I always encourage people to do this whenever they want to pray.

We need to be selfless in our prayers. It is crucial.

Therefore, ensure you pray for someone today!

Will these prayers really help?

Yes, these prayers will really help.

It helps you by boosting your faith in God, giving you calmer nerves, and also protecting you from the negative energy that spreads across hospitals. 

When you say these prayers, always expect a positive result from heaven.

Can I pray every day?

Yes, you can say this prayer every day.

Therefore, get on your knees today and begin to commit things to the hand of God.

These prayers can be said in the morning, afternoon, night, and midnight. The power of God is always available to meet those needs.

Trust me, everything will be fine!

I know you are scared – aren’t you?

But, trust me, after you have prayed, believe that everything will be fine. 

After you have prayed on a particular subject, there is nothing else to do but sit back and watch miracles unfold.

After you have said one or all of the 7 prayers for heart surgery, sit back and watch God move into the situation.

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