8 Prayers for Healthy Pregnancy: Unborn Baby and Mother

8 Prayers for Healthy Pregnancy: Unborn Baby and Mother

Warning: None of the prayers in this article are intended to replace the need for professional medical monitoring, medical examinations, diagnoses or treatments. You should always consult your doctor and seek professional help.

In pregnancy, both the mother and the unborn baby needs serious prayers.

Please, reflect on the word “serious”.

I have seen the havoc and mishaps that can happen during the period of conception. This is not something you should take for granted. 

Well, this article is not to scare you or transfer negativity to you. However, I must start on this note to inspire you to not just PRAY, but also know the types of prayer to say for the pregnant mother and the unborn child.

You don’t need to say a million and one prayers. There are 8 specific prayers you can pray. These prayers are powerful and they generate amazing results. 


Read on to discover them.

1) Short prayer for healthy pregnancy

Short prayer for healthy pregnancy
Prayer to print

“With the strength and with all the powers of God Our Lord, I ask for help and protection. I ask for help to have a healthy pregnancy. I ask for protection for my unborn baby.

I beg You God Our Lord, do not allow anything to go wrong. God, allow me to have a normal, natural and healthy birth.


Having a healthy pregnancy is crucial. It determines the life of the unborn child, and might also determine the life of the mother – though in rare cases.

As a father, friend, or relative of the pregnant mother, you can say this short prayer to God. 

When you say this prayer, what should you expect?

  • Expect God to protect the pregnancy
  • If there is a possibility of future complications, expect God to stop them from happening.
  • This prayer also preserves the life of the baby and mother.

Beyond taking medical precautions, with this short prayer for a healthy pregnancy, you can also take spiritual precautions

You can say this prayer any time of the day. Just make sure to have the picture of the pregnant woman with her name. These will serve as a point of contact to personalise the request in the spiritual world. 

With this short prayer, you can be assured of not just healthy pregnancy, but also safe delivery and long life on the part of the mother.

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2) Prayer for safe pregnancy

Prayer for safe pregnancy
Prayer to print

“Holy Angel, I pray today to ask for myself, but also for the beautiful child I carry inside my belly called (child’s name).

I pray that you give me the strength to face all the challenges that come my way during this pregnancy.

I pray that you can give me all the courage I need to overcome all the challenges this child will bring me, now and in the future.

Holy Mighty Angel, you who take care of everything and everyone, I ask that you give me eternal will and spiritual help so that I do not make mistakes during this pregnancy.


You need to also realize that safe pregnancy is paramount for having a safe delivery. 

How can safe pregnancy be ensured?

Well, it can be ensured by keeping to terms with medical terms and conditions as regards what to do and what to eat. 

However, does it mean there cannot be accidents? Surely, there can be!!!

These unprecedented events have a spiritual connection. This is why we must also prepare ourselves spiritually against them. 

By saying these prayers for safe pregnancy, the mother and unborn child will be protected by guardian angels. 

Guess what?

You can also give the pregnant mother this prayer. She can also say the prayer for herself and her unborn child.

Are you ready to pray?

Then, say the prayers above.

3) Prayer for unborn baby and mother

Prayer for unborn baby and mother
Prayer to print

“Almighty Lord,

We thank you for the life of our baby, and at the same time, we pray for the souls of every unborn child in this world. Acknowledge our leaping hearts and grant us the healthy pregnancy we need until our child is born. 

Let their hearts be filled with your Holy Spirit to help them live a Christ-centered life. All these prayers we pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.”

This prayer can cover several aspects. It might not just be focused on the pregnancy stage.

There are other areas it can cover:

  • The life of the child after birth;
  • The life of the mother after delivery;
  • Growing up process of the child;
  • Nurturing process of the child by the mother.

You can capture all of these in this prayer. 

As wide as it looks, it is powerful and can be deposited in the future even as you say the words above.

Remember! You need to mention the name of the pregnant mother, and also have her picture.

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4) Unborn baby prayer for healthy baby and pregnancy

Unborn baby prayer for healthy baby and pregnancy
Prayer to print

“Father God, I pray today with great faith within my heart. I pray today with much love in my heart. I pray today to ask You for help, not for me, but for this baby I carry inside of me.

He/She is not yet born, but already needs God’s protection. That’s why I pray to you, to protect this fetus that I carry inside me. I pray to You to help me have a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Please hear my request, help and protect me throughout my pregnancy.


The unborn baby prayer for healthy baby and pregnancy is specifically for the baby.

As a pregnant mother, you must say this prayer 3 times a day. Don’t worry, this is not a long prayer that will stress you out. All you need to do is recite this prayer 3 times a day for your unborn child

Pray for the day of delivery and the aftermath of the delivery of the child. In addition to this, pray for the health of the child after delivery.

Now, you don’t have to say this prayer alone as a pregnant mother. Give this prayer to the father, friends, relatives, and as many people as you can – who care about you.

5) Prayer for expectant parents

Prayer for expectant parents
Prayer to print

“Grant me a motherly heart that is pure, steadfast and generous. 
I hand over to you my own concerns; 
any anxious fears that may come, 
my own wishes for the little person 
that I still have no knowledge of. 
Grant that it may be born healthy in body, 
keep far from it perils to the soul.”

The Bible makes it clear that it is possible to doubt God when everything becomes bad. When you are expecting a child for a long time, your faith might begin to waiver. 

However, have you stopped to think if there might be a prayer you are not saying yet?

What if you changed the type of prayers you say? What if that was the game changer?

Well, the prayers you are about to read above are synonymous with what Abraham and Sarah prayed to God. 

All you need is faith in your heart. For this particular prayer, the husband and wife (expectant parents) must hold hands together.

  • Either you are expecting a baby.
  • Or you are expecting a pregnancy.

This prayer is for you.

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6) Catholic prayer for a safe and healthy pregnancy

Catholic prayer for a safe and healthy pregnancy
Prayer to print

“Heavenly Father, molder of body and soul, thank you for the gift of life that you have placed in my womb. Thank you, Lord, for predestining this child to be brought into the world by my husband and I.

Father, give us the grace to be good parents and help us to bring up this child in a way that brings glory to your name.  Be a shield of protection around this child as it develops in my womb.  Protect us from every manner of sickness and disease that pregnant women are vulnerable to get.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.”

The best time to say this prayer is after your evening mass

At this time, the angels of God are ready to return to heaven. So, you can be assured of your prayers getting to God on time.

With this prayer, the pregnant mother will have a safe and healthy journey of conception. Additionally, when the time for delivery comes, it will be hitch-free.

7) Prayer for pregnancy miracle

Prayer for pregnancy miracle
Prayer to print

“Grant me a motherly heart that is pure, steadfast and generous.
I hand over to you my own concerns;
any anxious fears that may come,
my own wishes for the little person
that I still have no knowledge of.
Grant that it may be born healthy in body,
keep far from it perils to the soul.”
(Make your request for a miracle here.)

Are you expecting a pregnancy miracle?

Well, God sees your heart and is willing to help you. But you must express your faith in him by the things you say in the place of prayer.

The prayer for pregnancy miracle does the following for you:

  • It takes away the hand of the devil over your womb;
  • It kills infertility and eliminates barrenness;
  • It blesses the copulation moments of husband and wife;
  • It creates a miracle in your womb (as a mother).

This prayer can be said at any time of the day. Just ensure you create a powerful picture of yourself holding a baby in your hands. With this, your prayers will be answered. 

Therefore, say the prayers above for a miracle.

8) Catholic prayer for baby in womb

Catholic prayer for baby in womb
Prayer to print

“Father, I carry a beautiful baby inside my womb. I carry a second life inside me. I carry within me the most important thing in my entire life. I pray to You today to help me.

I need You to help me keep this beautiful baby strong, healthy and full of will to live. I pray to You today to help me make this baby happy, healthy and strong.

I carry this baby that I love so much inside my womb. All I want is for him to be born and be happy. So be it.


When a child is conceived in the womb, prayers must be sent to him/her every month

This is important because it shapes the destiny of the child and also protects the child from losing his/her life during delivery.

The catholic prayers for baby in womb are essential for a healthy pregnancy and conception period and also for delivery. 

With these prayers, God will assign a special angel to watch over the child and mother at the same time.

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Can I pray for other women?

Yes, you can pray for other women. Either as a man or woman, these prayers can be said on behalf of a pregnant mother and her unborn child. 

Even if you are pregnant, you can also say this prayer for another pregnant woman and her unborn child. It is simply a show of kindness and generosity.

Should I say the prayers every day?

Yes, you should say the prayers every day.

This intensifies the spiritual energy and makes things easy for you, the pregnant mother, and the unborn baby.

You can say this prayer in the morning, afternoon, and evening. 

Will these prayers really help me?

Yes, these prayers will help you.

Below are the benefits of saying these prayers:

  • It boosts your faith and confidence in God;
  • It protects the unborn baby;
  • As the pregnant mother, this prayer also protects you through the conception period;
  • It also keeps your emotions calm;
  • Generally, it activates your guardian angel.

These, and many more are the spiritual benefits of saying these prayers.

Find strength in God’s powers!

Take this as an inspiration.

Find strength in the power of God. One of the ways to make this happen is through prayers.

When you pray, God releases His strength upon you, and you will begin to do extraordinary things you never thought existed.

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