7 Prayers to Yemaya: Protection, Money and Luck

7 Prayers to Yemaya: Protection, Money and Luck

Yemaya, one of the powerful Orishas of the Yoruba culture is highly sought after on matters of prosperity and good luck

We pray to Yemaya to ask for her blessings in every aspect of our spiritual life. So she is welcomed as a protective mother to help us navigate the difficult journey of life. 

Turn to Yemaya with these seven encouraging prayers to prosper in life, for protection, for financial stability, and luck on your path

1) Prayer to Yemaya for Protection

Prayer to Yemaya for Protection
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“Oh great Yemaya, goddess of the oceans and seas, 

I thank you for my life and for what I have achieved for you so far. Please guide my steps so that I may always set foot on the right paths with your watchful eyes. 

Even though I encounter turbulent moments, may you calm them like the way you gracefully control the ravenous waves of the ocean. Thank you for taking care of me and protecting me today, tomorrow and always.”

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Whether you are a staunch believer of Yemaya or simply feel inclined towards this Orisha, it is recommendable to recite this prayer every day before leaving the house

As one of the Seven African Powers, Yemaya is acclaimed for possessing great influence and strength, and people always approach her for guidance, protection and blessings. 

In the Santeria culture, Yemaya is perceived as a crucial entity and is worshipped for the ability to give life, offer guidance and provide support to Earth’s inhabitants

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2) Yemaya Prayer for a Special Request 

Yemaya Prayer for a Special Request
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“Beautiful Yemaya, 

Please grant my special request and draw all good things to me with the force of the seas and oceans.

I present my (name the special request) to you believing that you will grant me good luck. 

I beseech that my prayers reach you and let the waves of calm and peace wash over me as I wait for my request. Thank you for granting my request.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Nothing is too hard for Yemaya to grant, who is within the five omnipotent deities of Santeria.

Her love runs as deep as the ocean and she will gladly hear your special request and answer with the force the sea waves carry things to the shore. 

In short, Yemaya is a powerful and sacred deity. She is the heart of the world, she is a blue goddess and life itself.

If you cry out to her with devotion, faith, and love she will certainly hear and answer your prayer. Talk to the goddess from the bottom of your heart, and she will reward you with blessings. 

3) Prayer to Yemaya for Money and Wealth

Prayer to Yemaya for Money and Wealth
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“Oh, Yemaya, my guardian angel, 

Your richness is inexhaustible and reaches the horizons like the ocean. With your divine grace, help me escape my financial woes. I don’t want to languish in debt and suffering anymore. Please reward me with fortune and wealth. 

Let my pockets overflow with money and my heart with happiness. May money and wealth follow me like enormous tides. Ashe.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

One of the most prevalent prayer requests after love is financial aid. It is not a crime to ask for money because how would we survive on this Earth without it?

Yemaya is never happy to see her children languish in poverty and misfortune. So if you desire more money and wealth and want to see new paths in your life, do not shy away from asking the queen mother. 

This prayer for money and wealth should be recited in a silent place for three to nine days (the days should always be an odd number). Most importantly, faith is essential in every prayer.

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4) Yemaya Prayer for Good Luck 

Yemaya Prayer for Good Luck
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“Magnificent Yemaya, 

In this moment I come before your presence to beg you for good luck in my life. Give me all the positive energy in the world to attract good things my way. 

I come to you with all my heart that you may grant my wish. You know my needs very well and are more than able to help me out.

I also take this opportunity to ask that you may remember all the people who look to you for a turnaround in their life.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Everyone loves to be surrounded by good luck, whether good luck in finding love, in the workplace, in business or in relationships. Approaching the powerful queen Yemaya will help you attract good luck in every area of your life

This prayer aids to have more possibilities to connect with the spirits that release bountiful opportunities. Remember Yemaya can make all your requests come true. 

However, once you finish praying, it is necessary to make a novena and bring white flowers to her altar. Doing so will make your prayer heard and reciprocated quickly. 

5) Short Healing Prayer to Yemaya  

Short Healing Prayer to Yemaya
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“Mother of Life, 

Wash over my body and mind with your cleansing water. Pour your healing power into my life so that I can be restored both physically and spiritually. 

I beseech you Yemaya, to receive my prayer and let me live in good health. Hail queen of the waters!”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

The journey on Earth can be very tempestuous, which is why you need to allow Yemaya, with the permission of the Lord, to help you navigate all life’s challenges, including ill health and sicknesses.

Let the powerful goddess wash over you with her divine waters, cleansing your body, mind and soul

Yemaya grants multitudes, from granting a healing touch to unfathomable prosperity. There is virtually nothing she can’t achieve. Devition to her attains many gifts, including good health, fertility, protection and wealth. 

6) Yemaya Prayer for My Friends and Family 

Yemaya Prayer for My Friends and Family
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“Oh divine Yemaya,

Thank you for always watching over my family and friends. Without fear, you protect and guide us. Great are their blessings, not only of wealth but also of fertility and health. 

Help us to remain united and connected in love. Let us not lose sight of your favour and love for us. Ashe.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

It is always important to take care of our family and friends.

What better way to protect our loved ones than to make a prayer of love to Yemaya? In doing so, you will realize that the worry and tension for your members is replaced with peace, happiness and positivity. 

If you strongly feel the urge to pray, it is recommendable to say this prayer daily and visit the ocean or sea if you can to place offerings. Lighting white candles also pleases Yemaya and helps to answer prayers. 

7) Yemaya Prayer for a Good Day at Work 

Yemaya Prayer for a Good Day at Work
Prayer to print

“Lady of the seas, 

I pray that you enlighten me today as I head to work. Allow the doors of new opportunities that you want me to open this day. 

Give me knowledge, wisdom and the best skills to embark on every work project successfully. Thank you even more for being close to me and guiding me every step at work.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Having an honest and dignified job is one of the greatest achievements in anyone’s life. Many aspire to land an activity that guarantees their happiness and financial stability.

That is why it is essential to pray for your work daily and ask Yemaya to give you the necessary strength to embark on all your tasks effectively. 

Over the years, religions have dedicated time for prayers and rituals towards work and prosperity. Yemaya has continuously been sought after for improvement in the workplace and job prosperity.

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Who is Yemaya?

Also known as Yemoja, Yemaya is the goddess of the ocean and seas and the queen of all living things. She is adored for her nurturing and protective spirit. 

As one of the powerful Orishas, Yemaya offers blessings, guidance and protection to her children. Within the Santeria culture, Yemaya is worshipped for her powers to bring life, provide support and direct all Earth’s inhabitants. 

Yemaya’s favorite colors are blue and white because of the connection to the ocean and a symbol of purity respectively. These shades represent the queen’s caring and nurturing nature. 

Will Yemaya Really Help Me With My Requests?

Of course. But remember that when you pray to Yemaya, you must have great faith and a heart full of gratitude. Apart from granting your requests, Yemaya watches keenly over her children, offering direction and wisdom when needed. 

When Can I Start Praying?

The best time to pray to Yemaya is at night over three days but it can be from 3 to 9 continuous days. Ensure to pray in a quiet and peaceful place and to light a white candle. This helps you to have good energy while praying. 


There are many scenarios of need as there are humans in the world. Given this, it can be difficult to list all the prayers for Yemaya in every situation

However, you can use these seven provided and personalize them to suit your needs. Yemaya is mighty and can achieve anything you ask as long as it is requested the right way. 

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