4 Prayers for Healing Lungs & Breathing Difficulties

4 Prayers for Healing Lungs & Breathing Difficulties

Warning: None of the prayers in this article are intended to replace the need for professional medical monitoring, medical examinations, diagnoses or treatments. You should always consult your doctor and seek professional help.

God cares about your well-being. I believe this is the first thing you should settle in your mind. He truly cares about you. God wants you to be healthy. He is not glorified in your life when you are sick and dying.

  • Therefore, are you sick? 
  • Do you have any lung-related issues?
  • Do you have breathing difficulties?

Well, now, is the right time to trust God. this is not the moment to whine and gloat over your situation. When you pray, the power of God will flow in your direction; thereby, causing healing to come into your body.

There are 4 powerful prayers for healing lungs and breathing difficulties. With these prayers, you can be assured of your miracle

In this article, I will discuss these prayers and also guide you on how to pray them out appropriately.

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1) Short prayer for healing lungs

Short prayer for healing lungs
Prayer to print

“Living Lord, 
Your love has held me and kept me through this suffering. Now may your hope and healing lead me quickly to a place of restoration. O Lord the oil of your healing flows through me like a living stream. I choose to bathe in these clear waters each day.

I will keep my eyes on you, and trust in you that I will fully recover. I give you all that I am, and rest in your peace. I hold tightly to your promises. They are like a spring that overflows with goodness.

I wait on you.”

This is a short and precise way to pray.

This prayer can be used as a follow-up prayer during the day. That is, you must have said other longer prayers in the early hours of the morning

You can use this short prayer when you don’t have enough time to pray due to environmental and circumstantial conditions/situations. 

The short prayer for healing lungs focuses on the healing power of God. it helps us to express faith in God. when you say this prayer, God will step into the situation and begin to work on ensuring that healing comes to you.

You can also say this prayer for someone you care about. If they have lung-related issues, you can stand in the place of prayer for them. Muttering these few words of prayer will go a long way in ensuring that they are preserved from the fatal consequence of such an issue.

In this prayer, you can also pray for direction on what to do to get better in your health.

Are you ready to pray?

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2) Prayer for breathing difficulties

Prayer for breathing difficulties
Prayer to print

“Father God, I am praying to You today as I am having great difficulty breathing. It’s like the air doesn’t reach the lungs! I don’t know what else to do, I don’t know what to think, I don’t even know how to act. That’s why I turn to You.

That’s why I ask You, God Our Lord, to help me heal my lungs so that I can breathe better. I ask you Father God, help me to breathe better! Help me to breathe in and out without sacrifice, without pain, without torture…

Please hear this prayer of mine. Answer this request of mine! I ask you with all my strength and with all my faith in you. Amen.”

The prayer for breathing difficulties is a bit more specific than prayers for lung issues

Several things can cause lung issues to happen, and one of the consequences of having lung issues is breathing difficulty.

If you are suffering from this, then, this prayer is for you. 

The prayer for breathing difficulties does the following for you:

  • It releases healing power over you;
  • It opens your eyes to see the things that have caused this issue;
  • It helps you to take accurate decisions on how to prevent this from happening henceforth;
  • It shows that you trust God.

You should say this prayer in the morning and at night. These are 2 spiritual seasons of the day and spiritual energies are always present in such moments. Leverage them.

Saying the prayer for breathing difficulties does not just bring healing to you. It also deepens your faith in God.

What should you expect from saying this prayer?

Well, you should expect to be healed. You should expect your lungs to be cleared. You should expect a miracle to happen in your life – mostly as regards your health.

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3) Powerful prayer for breathing problems

Powerful prayer for breathing problems
Prayer to print

“Father God, breathing is becoming more and more difficult. My life is getting more and more difficult. My health is getting worse and I don’t know what else to do.

I pray to You, God the Father Our Lord, because I trust in Your powers, in Your miracles and in all Your strength. I pray to You, because I only trust You, because I only trust Your strength to help me.

I would like to ask You, Our Lord God, to help me to breathe better. I ask You to help me heal my lungs so that I can breathe, live better and be happier.

Please hear this prayer of mine, answer this request of mine and allow me to be happy.


What should you expect from this prayer?

Well, it is simple

Expect the power of God to be released. 

This powerful prayer must be done with intensity. Most of the people who have engaged in this prayer claimed to have shed tears at one point. This is due to the intensity of the prayer. 

The reason is that you need an answer, and you need it NOW. Therefore, you will not take any passing moment with carelessness.

This powerful prayer is mostly effective at midnight. This is because it requires a silent environment where you can express yourself in any manner you choose.

It is also very long – about 30 minutes to 1 hour of consistent prayers.

The powerful prayer for breathing problems will put an end to your breathing problems. If there is any evil spiritual attack behind this sickness, expect the hand of God to take away such.

4) Prayer for lung diseases

Prayer for lung diseases
Prayer to print

“God our Lord, I suffer from the lungs… I’m sick of the lungs… My body doesn’t work well and I suffer a lot from it, I have many attacks that leave me unable to breathe and that really scare me!

That’s why I pray this prayer to you, God our Lord. That’s why I only have you. I’m sick in my lungs, I can’t breathe, and only You can help me, only You can save me.

Please God our Lord heal my lungs! End this disease that is leaving me helpless! Put an end to this suffering that is leaving me without knowing what to do.

God our Lord, by all the powers of heaven, heal my lungs!!!


This prayer addresses every aspect of lung disease. Just like the powerful prayer for breathing problems, it is very long.

The reason is that you need to address everything that might have contributed to the lung disease. 

In this prayer, ensure you talk to God about your respiratory system, nervous system, lungs, kidneys, liver, and so on.

Also, ask God to calm your nerves, and take away anxiety, or any emotional and mental triggers that might contribute to this problem.

As you pray, be open to God’s divine leading as regards what to say in prayer. 

However, to help you, I will give you my secret prayer weapon words (SPWW) you can use to battle lung disease and be assured of victory.

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Will these prayers help me feel better?

Yes, these prayers will help you feel better.

The prayer can provide instant relief and healing.

Also, it can provide gradual, progressive, and speedy recovery

You should be open to both options. Don’t be keen on getting instant recovery. Sometimes, God will take you through the healing process to teach you how to use your faith much more.

However, expect these prayers to really cause a positive change.

Can I say the prayers every day?

Yes, you can say these prayers every day.

However, here is where you need to be careful!

These prayers are not mindless mantras. They have to be heartfelt and not just seen as a normal daily routine. 

Ensure that every moment of prayer is special to you. Say these prayers with the whole of your heart and with faith.

Have Faith in God! Everything will go well!

Lung diseases do not mean that your life is over. Therefore, trust God enough in the place of prayer. Have faith in God through your prayers, and everything will go well.

Healing comes from God, and this is what you will receive as you say these prayers.

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