5 Prayers for My Grandson: Blessing and Assistant

5 Prayers for My Grandson: Blessing and Assistant

As a grandparent, we share a deep bond with our grandchildren. The reason is that they are an extension of who we are. They are proof that our children have now become mothers and fathers in their own rights.

In the African tradition, grandparents see their grandchildren as their sons and daughters and they pray heavily for them. 

Now, as a grandparent, there are specific things you should say in prayers for your grandson.

Let me state it clearly. There are specific prayers you should say for your grandson – unlike the general prayers you say for both your grandson and granddaughter.

In this article, I will discuss 5 important prayers that work effectively when you say them. 

1) Blessing prayer for my grandson

Blessing prayer for my grandson
Prayer to print

“God Our Lord, today I am very happy, very grateful for everything YOU have given me and very grateful for the life I have.

I adore my grandson, I love him with all my strength and that’s why I’m praying this prayer.

I’m praying for my grandson (say grandson’s name), I’m praying that You give my grandson strength, faith and protection.

I am praying to you to help my grandson (say grandson’s name) to be protected from all evil forces, all enemies and all negative energies.

God the Father, protect my grandson (say the grandson’s name) from everything and everyone. Keep my grandson from all harm now and forever.


Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

This is the first type of prayer you should say for your grandson. The blessing prayer releases God’s blessing upon your grandson

It is one of the prayers you should say as a sign of comfort and love for him. As the child grows up, there are many challenges he will have to face as a man. Without the blessing prayer, he might fail. 

Additionally, this prayer is known to bring good luck to your grandson. Therefore, if you desire to see your grandson enjoy good luck, and prosperity, and have a good life, then, you should say this prayer.

I recommend saying this prayer 3 times a day for him. It releases sufficient power over him and aligns his path with what God has in store for him.

This is a very precise prayer. It makes requests to God on behalf of your grandson and releases positive energy on his behalf. 

Do you want to see your grandson excel in life?

2) Prayer to help my grandson with problems

Prayer to help my grandson with problems
Prayer to print

“God Our Lord, my grandson called (say the grandson’s name) is having some problems in his life. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to help. That’s why I pray this prayer. That’s why I pray to You, my God Our Lord.

I have a special request, not for myself, but for my grandson:

(Speak here your special request)

Please God Our Lord, help my grandson to solve all his problems, help my grandson to get rid of all the evil and to be happy.


Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

As stated earlier, praying for your grandson helps him to overcome several challenges

The blessing prayer (the first prayer in this article) can be generalized. This means that you can say that prayer for every aspect of the child’s life. 

However, the “prayer to help my grandson with problems” is more specific. You can say this prayer in advance, or say this prayer when your grandson is faced with a challenge. 

This prayer does not only bring him out of those problems. It helps him to become stronger; so that the next time challenges come, he will be strong enough to face them like a man.

The best time to say this prayer is at midnight. I have recommended this to a lot of grandparents and it has worked perfectly. 

Start by thanking God for the victory your grandson will enjoy before tendering your requests on his behalf before God.

3) Prayer to protect my grandson from harm

Prayer to protect my grandson from harm
Prayer to print

“May the powers and all the forces of God Our Lord appear in the life of my grandson (say the grandson’s name) right now! May God’s miracles appear in my grandson’s (say grandson’s name) life right now.

I ask that God protect you, (say the grandson’s name). I ask that God is always by your side (say the grandson’s name)! I ask that God never forget you, not now, not ever!

With all the powers of God and with all the forces of heaven, you will be protected (say the grandson’s name). You will be with the presence of God by your side. I know so, I know so.


Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

This is another special prayer to say for your grandson.

I will specially recommend reading “Psalm 91” 7 times before saying this prayer. If you can, also read “Psalm 121” about 3 times. 

All of those bible verses speak about protection, and the hand of God to bring safety to people. While reading them, you can capture the image of your grandson in your heart.

Doing all of these will create the perfect atmosphere for the prayer of protection.

Ensure you say these prayers will faith in your heart.

Now, to add a little spice to this prayer, get a picture of your grandson, write his name at the back with a red pen, and place the picture inside a bible. This is a typical expression of hiding your grandson in God.

Have you done that?

4) Prayer to help my grandson be happy

Prayer to help my grandson be happy
Prayer to print

“I pray with all the strength, with all the faith and with all the energy possible within my heart to help you (grandson’s name) right now.

I pray to God Our Lord, who will help me to enter your life. I pray to God Our Lord, who will make you happy.

God Our Lord will help you (grandson’s name) to overcome all problems, all adversities, all moments of sadness and all bad phases of your life.

My grandson (grandson’s name), I want you to be happy! I know you’ll be happy! I say this because you will always have the presence of God Our Lord at your side.


Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

When you say this prayer, God will make your grandson happy with his life

You know, several things in life make people lose their peace. This does not have to be about sickness, failures, and other negative things. It might be something like discovering your purpose, and so on.

This is why you need to be watchful in prayers every time for your grandson. You need to tell God to make him happy in his life. 

Pray against depression and its source. 

Pray against any negative spiritual attack that might be staged against your grandson

5) Catholic prayer for my grandson

Catholic prayer for my grandson
Prayer to print

“Father God, thank you for the grandson you gave me (say grandson’s name). Thanks for putting this grandson of mine in my life. For giving me great moments of happiness, love and affection next to my grandson (say grandson’s name).

I want to thank You, Our Lord God, for having given me this joy. For giving me the presence of my grandson (say grandson’s name) every day.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

This is a general prayer for your grandson.

As a Catholic, start with the sign of the cross. You can also hold a rosary for easy connection with the heavens. 

Begin the prayer exercise by thanking God for your grandson. Mention the things God has done for him.

Afterwards, tender your requests before God.

Now, there are specific words you need to say. These words have power in themselves. They will also guide you on how to pray effectively for your grandson.

Will these prayers really help my grandson?

Yes, these prayers will help your grandson. 

It will help him by doing the following:

  • If there are any problems in his life, the prayer will solve them all;
  • The prayer brings guidance and direction to him;
  • The prayer will protect your grandson from harm and spiritual attacks;
  • These prayers bring good luck to him;
  • With these prayers, your son will live a happy life.

Can I start praying right now?

Yes, you can start praying right now

Remember! Prayer is one of the ways we prove that we trust in God. When we trust God, there is an assurance that He will not fail us.

Therefore, ensure you start praying right now

There is no specific time to say these prayers – except for the “prayer to help my grandson with problems” that should be said at midnight.

God will bless your grandson!

Say amen with faith in your heart.

I believe that God will bless your grandson as you pray for him. 

Never feel like you are wasting your time. If you have been praying for him in the past, now is the time to intensify your efforts much more. 

As you pray, his life will change, and good things will begin to unfold in his life.

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