7 Short Prayers for Headaches To Go Away (With Images)

7 Short Prayers for Headaches To Go Away (With Images)

Warning: None of the prayers in this article are intended to replace the need for professional medical monitoring, medical examinations, diagnoses or treatments. You should always consult your doctor and seek professional help.

God desires your healing. Let this be your mindset every time. It might be difficult at times – especially when you are sick; however, you need to be rock solid in your faith in God.

One of the common illnesses we suffer from is headaches. Well, this looks minor. However, it can be deadly if it is not treated.

Beyond medications, prayer is also a meaningful way to deal with this sickness. There are different ways to pray for your headaches to go away. However, I will highlight 7 powerful prayers that will help you. 

They are strong enough to cure you and remove the negative energy that might have contributed to this. 

Therefore, let’s say these prayers together.

1) Short prayer for headaches to go away

Short prayer for headaches to go away
Prayer to print

“Almighty Lord, hear my request, full of pain, full of suffering and answer this prayer of mine!

Dear Father, protect my head, protect my thoughts and keep away all the negative energies that may harm me.

Take the pain, the weight and the suffering out of my head. Please, my God, help me, please. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Headaches can be bothersome. They can affect our minds, and emotions, and even become a psychological issues if not treated properly. 

Sometimes, you might take medications without any successful healing.

Others might recommend taking rests or putting less pressure on your mind. However, there is a better way to deal with this. 

Saying this short prayer for headaches to go away invites God into the situation. It shows that your faith in God is solid, and this excites Him to interfere. 

Confess them over yourself and say this prayer with faith in your heart.

Trust me, God is willing to hear you more than you desire to speak to Him. This is why you should confidently approach Him by prayer

The headache will subside and you will be calm.

One of the benefits of this prayer is that it also takes away the source of the headache.

2) Healing prayer for migraines

Healing prayer for migraines
Prayer to print

“Jesus, with all Your strength and with all Your miracles, deliver me from all the suffering that the severe headaches bring me.

My Lord Savior, it is not pleasant to feel a headache, and for this, I pray to You and ask You to help me to put an end to these pains. Help me to end this suffering. Help me lift my head, without pain, without suffering, without migraines. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Migraines are more painful than mild headaches.

This type of headache causes sleepless nights and can lead to psychosis if not treated properly

I have gotten reports from people who lost family members, friends, and neighbors to this deadly sickness. 

This is why you should trust God for healing. Now, I have not disbanded the need for medications.

However, when there is no medication around you, the best and most effective way to get rid of this migraine is through the healing prayer for migraines. 

In this prayer, you are expressing your heart to God.

Let Him know that you desire the headache to be healed and you are delivered from the pain.

Immediately you have this migraine, start saying this prayer. After you have said this prayer, you will feel sleepy and wake up free of headaches.

As long as you have faith in Him, God will help you.

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this.” — Psalm 37:4-5

3) Catholic prayer for headaches

Catholic prayer for headaches
Prayer to print

“Father God, today I am praying with a lot of suffering and pain inside of me, but also with a lot of hope in my heart.

God, I need Your help, Your assistance and Your miraculous healing. I need You to help me cure my headaches, my migraines that make me suffer so much, that make me cry so much and that take so much life away from me.

I need You to help me send the headaches far away from my life. I need You to bless my head, heal it, purify it and free it from all pain.

Father God, heal my head, heal my migraines, allow me to be happy, without more pain, suffering and agony. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Recurrent headaches are a sign that something is wrong with your health. Urgent actions must be taken immediately. However, don’t forget to run to God in the place of prayer

The catholic prayer for headaches is an anointed prayer. This prayer will not only take away your headaches, but it will also bring peace to your mind.

In addition to this, all the additional or foundational issues that led to the headache will be dealt with and there will be no recurrence again.

You should say this prayer every morning and night. Consistency in prayers brings results faster than you can ever imagine

Do you believe in God? Well, say this prayer to God and expect a miracle to happen. With this prayer, your headache will dissipate.

4) Prayer for healing headaches right now

Prayer for healing headaches right now
Prayer to print

“Father, we reach out to you today and ask for relief for people who are afflicted with headaches and migraines. Ease the tension in the muscles, blood vessels, and nerves of their heads and necks. Release peace in their bodies and let them sleep and recuperate. Heal their headaches now and stop chronic headaches and migraines from coming back, God. We have faith in your healing power, Father. Thank you! We love you.”


When you say this prayer, one thing is sure — your headaches will be healed instantly.

There are different types of healing:

  • Instant healing;
  • Gradual recovery process. 

If you need instant healing of your headaches, then, this is the prayer for you.

Ensure you say this prayer with faith in your heart because the bible reveals that nothing can be gotten from God without faith. 

Pray in the morning, afternoon, and evening until the miracle begins to happen.

The “prayer for healing headaches right now” is one of the ways to seek God’s intervention as regards your health. All you need to do is have faith and believe in His powers.

Everything is possible for one who believes.” — Marks 9:23.

5) Prayer for God to take this weight off my head

Prayer for God to take this weight off my head
Prayer to print

“Lord, it is with much suffering that I say this prayer to You. I’m going through a bad time, with a lot of pain, suffering and despair. I don’t know what to do, what to think or how to act. I only know that I can turn to You, Your powers and Your miracles.

I have this big weight and pain on my head and I don’t know what to do. I only know that You are my only salvation.

I just know that You are the only one able to help me, able to relieve me and able to heal me. That’s why I pray to You, to help me get this weight and pain off my head, and to help me get well so I can continue on my path on Earth.

Lord, I trust in You as I know that You will help me because You have never abandoned me.


Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Headaches can feel weighty at some point in time. Most times, this is how I feel every time I have headaches.

It just hurts so bad that it’s even hard to do daily tasks.

Well, there is a prayer for you. This prayer requests God as regards headaches.

It tells God to take this weight off your head

As you say this prayer, you will begin to observe gradual changes until there is a permanent change.

Therefore, don’t give up yet. Your headaches can be taken care of by this simple prayer.

Go to God and place your request before Him.

6) Prayer for Healing Headache

Prayer for Healing Headache
Prayer to print

“Please take away this headache. Although it is not excruciating, it is enough to wear me down. I pray for healing in Jesus name! May your power wash over me, cleanse me, and make me whole! I pray for other wives who may encounter physical pains such as headaches or illness.

May you heal them also! Renew our bodies and fill us with energy! I pray that these headaches and other pains would never hinder us from loving others, especially our husbands.

Protect our vulnerable bodies from the things in this world that threaten us! Keep us healthy and lively for our marriages and families in Jesus name,


One of the acts of God’s love is showing forth His power through healing. You need to believe in God’s power to heal you.

Once this is settled in your heart, then, it is time to get into the place of intense prayers to God

You might feel tempted to not pray due to the pain you have. Don’t give in to that temptation.

Get up on your feet and begin to pray right now. If you notice a dizzy feeling, it is okay to sit down.

All that matters is your connection to God and speaking the right words to Him.

Be sure that saying this prayer will cure your headache, as there’s no impossible for God.

I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” — Jeremiah 32:27.

7) Short prayer to cure severe headaches

Short prayer to cure severe headaches
Prayer to print

“Lord, You who are my savior, You who are my hope, You who help me in the moments of greatest difficulty, please help me now.

Please, Lord, help me to cure these terrible headaches that I have to have! Take away my pain, take away my suffering, take away my intense headaches.

Lord, help me in this moment of so much suffering, so much pain and so much sadness. Lord, I trust in You, in Your healing hand and in Your miracles. I know You will help me because You are my savior. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

This is a short prayer to cure severe headaches. Especially when it suddenly comes upon you amid your daily functions. 

Place your right hand on your head and mutter this prayer.

It does not take up to 2 minutes but carries a heavy anointing to heal you of your severe headaches.

As you say the prayer, God will touch your head with His power, and this will be the end of your severe headaches.

Will prayers really work?

Yes, prayers work every time.

All through the Bible, you will discover several instances where people prayed to God.

Guess what? Every time they prayed, God answered them from heaven

This is also what you should expect. The moment you begin to say these prayers, expect an answer to come from Heaven.

Expect to be healed from your headache or migraine. All you need to do is have faith and believe in His healing hand.

Will God help me with the headaches?

Yes, God will help you with the headaches.

God desires that all of His children live in good health and prosperity. You need to believe this with the whole of your heart.

God is concerned about how you feel.

Therefore, as you pray to Him, expect a response from the heavens. Expect a divine intervention from God.

How many prayers do I need to pray?

Well, it depends on the condition you’re in. There are different prayers for different categories. 

If you are suffering from migraine, then say the healing prayer for migraines

If you are suffering from severe headaches, then, say the short prayer to cure severe headaches

The condition determines the number of prayers you need to pray.

Trust me, you’ll get better!

Finally, I want you to trust me; you will surely get better.

Once you say these prayers and have faith in God, you will experience a change, which will lead to an eventual miracle. 

All you need is faith. Go to the place of prayer with faith for your healing, and watch God swing into action on your behalf.

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