8 Best Prayers for Wedding Rehearsal Dinner (With Images)

8 Best Prayers for Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding rehearsal dinners happen after wedding rehearsals. This is an amazing moment to share the joy with your family members before the actual wedding begins. 

Because of the ecstasy surrounding this moment, it is highly possible to forget God and let Him out of the equation. However, you must never allow that to linger.

Also, even if you are conscious about God, it is possible to also be stuck on the types of prayers to say while seated around the wedding rehearsal dinner table. 

Well, that is not a problem because I have outlined and explained the 8 best prayers for wedding rehearsal dinner. These prayers are powerful and effective enough to not only bless your food but your marriage.

1) Short rehearsal dinner prayer

Short rehearsal dinner prayer
Prayer to print

“Today is a day of thanksgiving to God for helping this beautiful couple celebrate their union. (Man’s name) and (Woman’s name) are ready to come together, to hold hands and to live next to each other for the rest of their lives and all that thanks to God.

May God’s graces enter this dinner, may He stay by our side and protect us, from now on and forevermore.


This type of prayer has to be short and brief for several spiritual reasons. 

  • Time is running out;
  • One or some of your relatives need to be out of the venue sooner than expected;
  • An emergency came up and you need to disperse as soon as possible;
  • You forgot to create enough time for prayer, but you remembered in between the jamboree.

These are some of the reasons why the prayer has to be short.

Now, can there be longer prayers for wedding rehearsal dinners? Yes, there can be! 

However, in this context, the short rehearsal dinner prayer carries power as well.

Within 2 minutes or less, you should have said the prayer and venerated your food and the environment. 

The short rehearsal dinner prayer goes straight to the point by blessing the food and sharing the grace.

2) Prayer for wedding rehearsal dinner

Prayer for wedding rehearsal dinner
Prayer to print

“Dear Lord, we gather in this place in a spirit of celebration and gratitude. Thank you for the blessing of bringing (name) and (name) together in marriage today. We ask you to bless their marriage, their family, and all of their relationships.

Help them stay strong in any adversity, and to treasure and protect the joy of marriage. May we, as their family and friends, commit to uphold and encourage them to the best of our ability.

Please bless this food we are about to receive, and let this reception be an honor to You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

This is a general communion prayer for such a beautiful moment. As you sit around the table with your loved ones reflecting on how far you’ve come with your spouse, this is a prayer to chip in.

You see, this is not necessarily about the food. You can say this prayer for thanksgiving, benediction, and grace. 

With this prayer, you can be assured of not only blessing the food but also expressing heartfelt gratitude to God for everything He has done.

Don’t take this moment for granted. The reason is that God takes this moment seriously as well. He wants to see how you truly appreciate him and how you want Him to get involved with the dinner.

Therefore, ensure you let your heart be connected to the prayer. You can hold hands with your spouse to establish a point of contact and union in prayer.

Above is the prayer for wedding rehearsal dinner:

3) Example of catholic wedding rehearsal dinner prayer

Catholic wedding rehearsal dinner prayer
Prayer to print

“Dear God our Father, we gather here to eat and fellowship as we look forward to the wedding ceremony of (bride and groom names).  We thank you for getting everyone here safely and for the excitement and joy we all feel right now.

We ask that you bless the food before us, the family and friends beside us, and the love we share between us all through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.”

The catholic wedding rehearsal dinner prayer comprises the following:

  • Thanksgiving prayer;
  • Blessing the food prayer;
  • A little request;
  • Sharing the grace.

You can follow the above outline, or mix it as you deem fit.

By saying the catholic wedding rehearsal dinner prayer, everyone will learn to reverence God – even though it is a season of celebration and preparation for the BIG DAY.

Therefore, keep in mind that this type of prayer can be said alone, or with a group of people.

Are you ready to pray?

Then, kindly make the sign of the cross and say the following prayers above!

4) Blessing prayer for rehearsal dinner

Blessing prayer for rehearsal dinner
Prayer to print

“God, we are all gathered here to bless the marriage of (groom’s name) and (bride’s name). We are all gathered here to bless this couple’s love, to bless this couple’s marriage and to wish them all the luck in the world.

With all the faith and positive energy present in this room, we wish the couple good health, luck and peace.

We wish that life brings to the couple everything they are looking for. We wish the bride and groom to have many opportunities, many moments of happiness and much love.


This is majorly a prayer of blessing. 

What is the purpose of this prayer?

Well, they are as follows:

  • To bless God for the successful wedding rehearsal;
  • To bless God for the couples and the approaching wedding;
  • To bless God for the food and all those gathered around the table;
  • To bless the food and everyone eating.

With this prayer, you can be assured of enjoying a good meal with hearts of gratitude. Also, you can expect God to take care of any remaining detail concerning your wedding.

This is one of my favorite prayers for wedding rehearsal dinner.

5) Grace wedding prayer before meal

Grace wedding prayer before meal
Prayer to print

“Lord, behold our family here assembled. We thank you for this place in which we dwell, for the love that unites us, for the peace accorded us this day, for the hope with which we expect the morrow, for the health, the work, the food, and the bright skies that make our lives delightful; for our friends in all parts of the earth.”

This prayer is majorly for the meal.

From the name of this prayer, it is meant to bring God’s grace, blessing, and benediction upon the food you are about to eat.

Since your wedding is in 2 – 3 days, you need to be careful of the things you eat. This is why even at your wedding rehearsal dinner, you need to share the grace. 

With this prayer, your meal is free from negative energy and everyone at the table will let go of their grudges.

6) Blessing prayer before dinner at a wedding

Blessing prayer before dinner at a wedding
Prayer to print

“Before this dinner, it is important to give thanks for this moment of peace, joy and faith. It is important that we thank God Our Lord for helping us every day and for guiding us to this table, to support this engaged couple and to witness their union.

With the presence of God Our Lord in this room, everything will go well, we will all be blessed and we will all have God’s graces by our side.

So be it, always with a lot of faith, affection and love!


At a wedding ceremony, sitting around the table to eat is a holy moment. At such a dinner, the husband, wife, and parents of both parties will be present to eat

Before you eat, ensure you get up to lead everyone in this blessing prayer.

This prayer is effective every time it is said

Ensure you say this prayer with faith in your heart. If you can, write the prayer out on a note and let everyone recite it. This is an effective way to ensure communal prayer is offered.

7) Beautiful prayer for wedding rehearsal dinner

Beautiful prayer for wedding rehearsal dinner
Prayer to print

“Lord God, Creator of the universe we have gathered here around this dinner table to celebrate the love and commitment that have united (groom’s name) and (bride’s name), in a wonderful bond of marriage. Bless our wonderful meal, and bless the happy couple for a wonderful life together.”

This beautiful prayer for a wedding rehearsal dinner establishes our dependence on God. It helps us to acknowledge God as the only source of wealth, provision, and satisfaction.

The focus of the prayer is not on the food. It is on the people around the table, and the events that are about to unfold. 

Therefore, ensure to cover all of these aspects properly before eating or after eating.

8) Powerful short prayer for wedding rehearsal dinner

Short prayer for wedding rehearsal dinner
Prayer to print

“We are witnessing the love of (bride’s name) and (groom’s name) on this beautiful day, witnessing their union and their passion.

We all pray together to God the Father to bless us on this important day.

We all pray together to God the Father, on this day when we will take the next step to unite two people who love each other and who deserve to live side by side forever.

May God’s blessing descend from heaven on our lives, on the lives of the bride and groom and on the lives of all those who deserve it.


This is a short, but precise prayer.

Before you eat, you can say this prayer as regards the food and all the events of the dinner.

Also, it is a prayer of submission to the will of God even while eating and dining together with your loved ones.

For this prayer, it is good to stand up with heads bowed in reverence. This brings the presence of God down and blesses you beyond imagination.

Are these prayers suitable for any marriage?

Yes, they are suitable for any marriage

When you say these prayers, expect them to work for your marriage as well. There is no specific context of marriage that is suitable for these prayers.

The Bible says that God is liberal to everyone. Therefore, expect this prayer to work for you and for any other marriage.

Can I pray more than one prayer?

Yes, you can pray more than one prayer.

If you have enough time at the dinner table, pick these prayers one after the other and recite them.

They can work hand in hand; thereby, releasing God’s blessing on the meal and all the participants

Will these prayers bless my marriage?

Yes, these prayers will bless your marriage

All you need is to believe in your heart and say these prayers with unity.

Also, this is why the focus of the prayer should not just be on the food you are about to eat. Extend its tentacles towards your marriage as well.

Doing this will ensure that the blessing of God resides in your marriage through prayer.

Trust in God and be happy!

Just before I round up this article, I want to encourage you to trust God.

When you trust him, then, you will experience true joy in your marriage and your life generally.

With these prayers, your trust and faith in God will be heightened. In addition to this, you will also have a hitch-free wedding rehearsal dinner and an amazing wedding ceremony.

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