The Most Powerful Prayers for Those Who Need Help

The Most Powerful Prayers for Those Who Need Help

Warning: None of the prayers in this article are intended to replace the need for professional medical monitoring, medical examinations, diagnoses or treatments. You should always consult your doctor and seek professional help.

As believers, when we think of others, our first thought should not be that of gossiping or slandering but that of praying.

To run to prayer first will, in itself, put your heart and thoughts in the right place. It will also make any prayer you pray for them a powerful prayer.

This is especially true when we pray for those who are in any kind of need. It also means that we ought to pray for anyone. The Bible tells us that we should even pray for our enemies.

We should also not underestimate any prayers we send to God. We should also pray for ourselves so that our hearts are pure when we make our requests known to Him.

Before you leave, save these prayers for a miracle and a special request.

1) The Most Powerful Prayer For Those Who Need Help Urgently

The Most Powerful Prayer For Those Who Need Help Urgently
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“Jesus Christ,

There is none other than You who is able to step into my life right now. Please touch me in the way only You can.

My life is in Your hands, and I bring my despair to You. I trust and believe that You can do everything for me.

With Your powers, with Your miracles and with Your help I will succeed! I know I can and I know I will because I have Your presence by my side to help, support and lift me up.

I ask You, Lord, with all my strength and with all my faith: (Say your request here)

In Jesus’ mighty name, I pray. Amen.”

Original prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

No matter what your needs are right now, the Father in Heaven is watching over you and will supply all your needs. When we trust Him with all our hearts, He will provide for us. 

The Lord wants us to trust in Him to provide for our needs, no matter what they are.

As His Word says in Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

2) Daily Effective Prayer For Immediate Help From God

Daily Effective Prayer For Immediate Help From God
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“Precious Father,

I remember all the things You have done for me over my entire life. I ask for Your continued help at this moment of need.

I pray for Your presence here, I pray for Your interception and I pray for Your powers in my life to help me with a request that seems impossible, but I know You are able to answer: (say why you need immediate help).

You are able to do more for me than I can imagine. For this reason, I place my hand in Yours for Your intervention right now. Amen.”

Original prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

God does not turn us away when we ask for help or intervention. Trust in God for all that you need daily.

This is one of the reasons we come to Him. His Word says, “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” — 1 John 5:14.

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3) Catholic Prayer For Immediate Help From God

Catholic Prayer For Immediate Help From God
Prayer to print

“Dearest Lord, Jesus Christ,

Since it is in Your will for us to be content and healthy, I pray to You today to ask for Your help and to hear my prayer

Lord, I ask right now that this prayer of mine be heard, I ask that this prayer of mine be answered, I ask that my request reach Heaven now, without more delays!

(Say your request).

With the angels’ light shining over my shoulder, I know You will answer my prayer immediately. I humbly say this prayer in Your name. Amen.”

Original prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

We all know the comfort of having someone who is always there for you when you need them. Christians have this comfort in Christ.

Even if we know that He will respond to your request for assistance in His time and in His perfect way, He is able to do so immediately as well.

We know this because He made these promises in His Word.

Matthew 6:26 tells us how God can be there for us immediately, as He is for the birds of the air. He says: “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

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4) Urgent Prayer Request To Jesus

Urgent Prayer Request To Jesus
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“Dear Jesus,

First of all, I want to thank You for always being by my side, for helping me and for making me a fulfilled and happy person.

I am trusting in You now with all my heart and need You to provide me with Your help and miracles right now.

I know that Your powers are greater than anything in this world and I know that You can help me to achieve anything. That’s why I pray to You because You are my only hope.

In You, I entrust this request of mine: (speak your request here).

I seek Your face right now. I am going through a difficult time and urgently need Your help and guidance. Amen.”

It cannot be said more than that when we trust God, He does not waver. His Word is clear about this. It is therefore important to know His Word so that we can pray accordingly as well.

Proverbs 16:20 says, “Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord.”

5) Urgent Prayer Request for Healing

Urgent Prayer Request for Healing
Prayer to print

“Almighty Father,

You went all around, healing all kinds of illnesses and diseases. I urgently request Your assistance to bring healing to my body.

I bring my ailing body before Your presence praying that You may stretch Your healing hand upon me. Lord, You are aware of the frustration and pain that I have gone through due to this illness.

I am calling on You right now, through Your strength, to restore every part of my body that is ailing. Please make me whole again.

Thank You, my Dear Lord, for always hearing my prayers. Amen.”

We can ask the Lord for anything, even urgent matters such as healing.

God says to us in Psalm 37:3, “Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.” Even so, we can trust Him to heal us and grant us all our other requests, too.

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Are These Prayers Really Powerful?

All prayers are powerful because the words you say will reach heaven’s door. God will hear them and answer them. He sees your heart even before you utter a single word.

Therefore, it is always the best route to take for any difficulty you have.

Cast your cares on Him. Psalm 55:22 says to us, “Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”

Can I Pray More Than One Prayer?

God loves to hear from us, even if He knows what we need beforehand. It is His way of helping us trust in Him. This is why He gave us this means of communicating with Him.

It is therefore expedient to pray to Him as much as you can. The more you pray, the more you will get to know the power of God. Therefore, pray as many prayers as you want. God is listening.

Can I Make Any Requests in The Prayers?

Ask what you want from God, and He will give it all to you. The only requirement is that you are obedient to Him and His Word.

As John 15:7 says, “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”

This means that obedient children of God can and will receive what they ask for. And therefore, the answer is: Yes, you can make any request to God, our Father. There are no restrictions on what you can ask of Him.

Can I Light A Candle While I Pray?

Candles are ideal to light when you pray. The candle does not have power within itself but can help reduce distractions.

Some people do not need candles, but because it helps to focus it is a great way to enhance your prayer time with God.

Praying by candlelight can improve your prayer time, but it is not an essential element of your time with God. However, it is worth giving it a try.

Final Thoughts

We live in a world where there are many needs of diverse kinds. One way of dealing with all these myriad needs is to pray for them. It is a vital part of life to pray for yourself and for others; God wants us to do that.

We sometimes forget to make prayer our first call to action. You can ask for the urgent things in life, the small things, and the big things, such as healing.

We must also keep in mind that, regardless of how small the prayer is, all our prayers have the power to change things. Sometimes it may seem that God does not answer our prayers because we often expect God to answer in our way.

Continue to pray and seek His face, and you will see His power manifest in your life.

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