6 Intercessory Prayers for Family with Printable Images

Intercessory Prayers for Family with Printable Images

Honestly, family is everything anyone would desire in this world for countless reasons. Alongside providing a shoulder to lean on in difficult times, a family can significantly influence one’s emotions and outlook on different matters of life. 

It’s understandable for anyone to worry about their family’s safety and wellness in this unpredictable world. It can be overwhelming sometimes because you simultaneously cannot look out for every family member due to location disparities. 

Therefore, in such situations, intercessory prayers for your family can be a significant way of requesting their safety and other blessings, regardless of their location. Below are some prayers you can make.

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1) Short Intercessory Prayer for Family

Short Intercessory Prayer for Family
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“Jesus Christ, 

Thank You for the love that You’ve poured upon my family. Today, I present every member of this family unto Your mighty hands, praying for their protection and safety. 

May You watch out for their steps as they go about their daily duties and bless their plans so they may become fruitful upon execution. 

I ask this through Your son, Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

God established and ordained the union of a family during creation when He joined Adam and Eve as a single unit (Genesis 5). He even practiced His divine love on them by offering them the Garden of Eden to eat from, sow, and make fruitful. 

Even though Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s rules, that didn’t change His original love for families. Today, every family can rely on Him through prayers for blessings, safety, and guidance on different issues. 

You don’t have to be the head of the family to lead an intercessory prayer for your loved ones.

Anyone, including siblings, can make the above Prayer for the rest of the family, and God shall bless it. 

The book of Psalm 133:1 quotes, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

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2) Intercessory Prayer to Protect My Family 

Intercessory Prayer to Protect My Family 
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“Oh, Omnipresent God, 

I come before You with a grateful heart for the gift of a beautiful family. Lord, I confidently ask for Your immense protection upon my family, praying that You may always be with us in everything we do. 

You acknowledge how fragile and unpredictable human life can be. Therefore, shine a star of protection in our paths to different duties of the day. Be merciful to Your people. 

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

We must take some minutes to pray for our family’s protection every day.

Even when your family barely gathers for dinner or occasional meetings for different reasons, you can say the above prayer by yourself until such days avail themselves. 

Prayers can be powerful. You can be guaranteed God’s presence upon your people daily as they maneuver across their activities by just making a protection prayer for every family member or collectively. 

Train even the little children about the importance of praying for the family. Including those who aren’t their biological family, and they shall never depart from it even when they grow old as stated in Proverbs 22:6

3) Intercessory Prayer to Bless My Family 

Intercessory Prayer to Bless My Family
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“Heavenly Father, 

Thank You for each one of my beautiful family and for knowing their hearts, even when they barely communicate with You. 

Today, I pray for Your blessings upon them. May You grant them the confidence, courage, and wisdom to beat their weaknesses and emerge victorious in battles they never discuss. 

I believe You will grant our wishes in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

We can agree that most of us mainly focus on our personal needs, sometimes forgetting to pray for our families and relatives, which is not good.

Since God has granted you one of the most precious gifts in life, family, remember to pray for their blessings, protection, and unity constantly

God promises to meet all our needs and requests whenever we ask of Him (Philippians 4:19), including a prayer to bless your beloved family

Furthermore, you should strive to lead a righteous life to increase the possibility of receiving positive responses from your prayer.

You can do so by repenting your sins and avoiding further transgression while you act with love and respect for your family members

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” — Matthew 6:33.

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4) Intercessory Prayer for Family and Friends

Intercessory Prayer for Family and Friends
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“Loving Father, 

I come before Your throne again, thanking You for my dear family and friends. Father, today, I ask You to manifest Your goodness, love, and mercies in each of them. 

May You make their paths to the Kingdom of Heaven less challenging and keep their faith in You steadfast. Bless them with love and unity in everything they do, and let everyone they encounter witness Your presence in them. 

In Jesus’ name, I pray and believe. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Do you believe that there’s power in prayer? Well, prayers can transform awful situations into living testimonies, especially if made with unshakable faith in God.

When praying for your family and friends, you should be confident in God’s promises to answer us whenever we call and rescue us in all situations. 

Even when you haven’t been in touch with your family and friends, or there has been an unfriendly connection between you, you can still pray for their safety, protection, and blessings. 

Prayers can also be the breaking point of a bad relationship between friends and family and the beginning of fruitful and long-lasting connections.

Edwin Harvey said that a day without prayer equals a day without blessings, while a life without prayers resembles a life with no power. 

Do not forget to pray for unity, the family unit’s main binder. 1 Corinthians 1:10 appeals to every believer in the name of Jesus to agree with one another in what they say and live without divisions and be united in thoughts and mind.

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5) Guidance Intercessory Prayer for Family 

Guidance Intercessory Prayer for Family
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“Our All-Knowing God, 

I kneel before Your presence today, thanking You for the family You blessed me with. At this moment, I pray for Your guidance on every member of this family in all their dealings and plans. 

May their schemes be guided by Your power and goodness so they may not fall into earthly temptations and failure. 

Please be their source of determination every day. In the name of Jesus, I pray in faith. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

When we are not in the position to meet or spend time with our families due to various reasons, we can still pray for God to guide their plans and decisions.

The main challenge many might face is praying for their family’s guidance when everyone appears to have their choices on the right line. 

However, everyone requires God’s guidance, regardless of age, experience, or knowledge of the Bible.

You can also encourage them to seek God’s intervention in their dealings by praying with them or sending them prayer-like messages occasionally. 

If anyone lacks wisdom even on the pettiest matters of life, they should ask God, for He gives wholeheartedly to all without finding fault (James 1:5).

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6) Intercessory Prayer for Family in Difficult Times

Intercessory Prayer for Family in Difficult Times
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“Dear God, 

I come before You today with thanksgiving for the gift of a loving family. However, this past period has been hectic for us because we have been going through difficult times. 

Today, I break the plans of the evil one upon our lives and everything that concerns us. We pray for Your immense strength, guidance, hope, and wisdom to move on with other issues. 

Above all, let Your will be done in our lives. In Your precious name, I pray. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Every family goes through really distressing days while others are merry-worth.

When darkness strikes, it is wrong to blame one another and neglect the responsibility of making things right again; instead, you should look to God through the above prayer. 

Isaiah 40:29 confirms that God “gives strength to the weary and enhances the power of the weak“.

Additionally, no difficulty is more complex before the eyes of the Lord. Even a simple declaration made with faith can restore things to usual. 

While you pray, remember to actively strive to make things right with family members and together discuss possible measures to solve and prevent further misfortunes in your union.

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Can I Start Saying The Prayers Right Now?

Of course! You can start making intercessory prayers for your family or friends from now on and wait for the goodness of the Lord to prevail upon you. 

The Holy Bible confirms there’s no right or wrong time to pray because God’s ears are always open and attentive to our prayers. 

Will These Prayers Help My Family?

Absolutely! You can be guaranteed that the above intercessory prayers will greatly help your family in all situations, especially if you execute adequate faith while praying

Hebrews 4:16 urges believers to confidently draw near the throne of God’s grace so we may receive His mercies and find grace in times of need. 

Can I Pray More Than One Prayer? 

Yes! You can pray more than one of the above prayers or even all of them. The Bible hasn’t specified the number of prayers one can make for their family. 

Instead, it urges us to pray without ceasing, not just when making requests but also when we want to thank God for His blessings. 

Final Thoughts

There are many intercessory prayers you can make for your family and friends. Whichever of the above examples you use, remember to execute unwavering faith and let the Holy Spirit take the lead. 

As you make several requests regarding your family, remember to sincerely thank God for the union, as not everyone enjoys the privilege. 

Furthermore, the prayers should not only be centered on your biological family but can also extend to others such as colleagues, church mates, friends, neighbors, and relatives.  

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