7 Prayers to Stop Worrying About Others, Job & Money

7 Prayers to Stop Worrying About Others, Life & Money

When we experience difficult situations, the logical thing is usually to get worried. It seems the normal way to react to things.

Unfortunately, worry has not helped anyone in any situation

It has been known to aggravate things; your mental state, health, and peace are jeopardised. 

God had to advise us through apostle Paul not to worry about anything but rather, we can tell Him about every situation in prayers.

Our human nature will always compel us to worry at all times, especially when there seems to be no obvious solution. 

Thank God for his spirit which has not given us the spirit of fear nor worry, but that of a sound mind. 

God can help us curb our worrisome minds when we lean on him in prayers and trust in his power to deliver us from every trouble and situation.

The birds of the air, even in their lack of sense of reasoning, trust the lord for each of their needs and they have never been disappointed. 

What then about us created in his image and likeness? Do you think He can ever forsake us

Prayer is the antidote to worry. That’s because it can help you walk in faith and not by sight. 

The following prayers we’ll be discussing can help you avoid worry and anxiety at all times

1) Catholic prayer to stop worrying

Catholic prayer to stop worrying
Prayer to print

“Father God, free my head and free all my negative thoughts from me right now. Take away all my worries, all my problems and everything that makes me constantly worried, scared and afraid.

Make my head clear, free and full of light.

End my bad thoughts, all the negative influences in my life and everything that makes me worried. Father God, help me, bless me, and enlighten my mind, now and forevermore. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

We worry when we begin to lose our gaze on Jesus to focus on the magnitude of our problems.

Pray that Christ will help you fix his gaze on the cross where he nailed down all our problems and worries. 

Ask the holy spirit to help you operate in the mind of Christ amid challenges. 

2) Prayer not to worry about what others think

Prayer not to worry about what others think
Prayer to print

“Father God, help me to get rid of all the worries I have in life. Help me to be more free, pure and happy.

Make me not worry about things that don’t deserve my attention, including the opinion of others, the looks of others and what others say about me.

Father God, let me live my life without other people’s influence and opinions. Don’t allow others to harm me, and make me able to ignore other people’s problems.

Please, Father God, help me not to worry about what others think, now and forever. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

First, you need to operate with the mindset that the opinion of others does not matter more than God’s opinion

Thank God for the gift of his word where he assures you he only has a good opinion about you

Ask the holy spirit to help you operate in this mindset and understand that the opinion of others should not hold water in your life.

As God said, we must come to Him in moments of worry.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”Matthew 11:28-30.

3) Prayer to stop worrying for money

Prayer to stop worrying for money
Prayer to print

“Lord, You are everything to me, You are my energy, You are my light, You are my protector and You are the one I turn to when I need help, light, protection and direction in my life.

Today I pray this prayer because I need Your divine help to end my worries, problems and my negative thoughts.

I pray to You to take away my concerns about money, to relieve my body, my soul and my mind of all the problems and all the pressure that I have been under until now.

Help me to have more money, not a lot, just enough to solve my problems. Make me happy, free of bad thoughts and clean my soul of negative energies.

I say this prayer in Your name, Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

It is difficult to avoid worry when you have a lot of needs yet to be met, because of a lack of finances.

You have to trust that when God asks us not to worry, it is because he has promised to provide for our every need.

You can start by appreciating God for the times he has provided for you.

Thank him for his love and benevolence.

Trust that he knows your current financial situation and ask for the grace to trust him to provide for you. 

4) Short prayer to stop worrying about my job

Short prayer to stop worrying about my job
Prayer to print

“Father God, I have worked a lot, I have suffered a lot and this has really affected me. I don’t know whom to talk to, whom to turn to, or whom to ask for help, so I pray to You. I pray to You, God the Father, because I know that You can help me solve my problems.

God the Father, help me to stop thinking about my work, my tasks at work, the problems at work and everything that encompasses my professional career.

Allow me to perform my duties well, but to be able to slow down the pace, especially outside the workplace. Allow me to get all the thoughts out of my head when I’m not working, so I can enjoy my day, my family, my friends and all the good things that life has to offer.

Father God, I turn to You with faith, strength and hope, Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

It’s hard to keep up with a job that doesn’t pay all of the bills. It could trigger worrisome thoughts and anxiety.

Worrying, however, will not help the situation either.

Through this prayer, you can ask the holy spirit to open your eyes to understand how useless worry is.

Pray that He works on your mind to be like that of Christ. 

It is more feasible to tell him your heart desires regarding a job. Remember God is a caring father

You can tell him how much you are struggling with your current job or lack of a job. Ask for his mercy and favor for a better job

And after you have prayed, believe you have been answered. 

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid” — John 14:27.

5) Prayer for God to take the worries out of my head

Prayer for God to take the worries out of my head
Prayer to print

“Heavenly Father, I am filled with worry!  Lord, remind me how you know my every thought.  You see how much worry I carry inside of me, and that is not a load you want me to carry.

Remind me that your perfect love casts out all fear.  I speak in Jesus name, that all worry and anxiety would leave my body, soul, and spirit right now by the blood of Jesus.

I plead the blood of Jesus from the top of my head to the souls of my feet.  Help me, Father, in the days to come to renew my mind on your truth. Thank you for your healing. Amen.”


Most times we seem to be incapacitated by some worrisome thoughts. One might know it‘s not healthy to think about them but find it hard to erase them from memory. 

There’s a place in God for divine assistance

You can say this prayer in such a situation. Believe that the holy spirit has the power to give you peace of mind.

The scripture assured us that we have the spirit of a sound mind. 

Believe that God has the power to restore your mind’s peace so that when you say this prayer, you will receive your peace

6) Catholic Prayer for worry and anxiety

Catholic Prayer for worry and anxiety
Prayer to print

“Dear Father, In this space of total anxiety, I’m praying to you, the God of all. Jesus, I need you so much.

The weight of this world consumes my heart and my spirit is confused. I know you are not the god of confusion; you are the God of order, love and peace. I pray you would restore order right now in me.

May my mind perceive that you make me sound.

May my soul receive that you give me strength.

May my heart believe that you show me love.

Thank you for the relief of an unburdened heart.



Worry and anxiety are tools from the devil to steal our peace.

Having a consciousness of the uselessness of worry will help you work with God’s word in the book of Proverbs which encourages us to guard our hearts with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life. 

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. ” — Proverbs 4:23.

You can say this prayer to walk in the peace of our lord Jesus Christ.

You can pray for the ministry of the angels and saints in heaven to help you avoid worry and anxiety at all times

7) Short prayer to forget problems and worries

Short prayer to forget problems and worries
Prayer to print

“Father God, in this moment of great fear, anxiety and indecision, I pray to You with all my strength and with all my faith.

I pray to You, God the Father, to ask You to help me in this moment of great psychological suffering. I pray that you help me to overcome all my problems, all my worries and to end this anxiety that I carry inside of me.

Father God, deliver me from all this, now and forever. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Problems usually trigger worry. When possible solutions to these problems are not coming forth, It could be frustrating.

At this point, worry could be inevitable

With this prayer, you can invite the holy spirit to help you walk in peace and not worry

Then, trust God with your problem and believe He has the power to take care of them. 

Will I forget my problems with these prayers? 

Yes. You will forget your problems with these prayers.

God is great that there’s no situation he cannot take care of. He loves us so much that he’s interested in every area of our lives and is willing to:

  • Take our affliction;
  • Give us a new mind;
  • Restore our peace

Through these prayers, you can invite the holy spirit who gives the spirit of self-control to help you control your mind and avoid worry. 

Should I say these prayers every day? 

Yes, you should say these prayers every day.

The mind is one area God gave us the freedom to make our choices.  Although God knows our thoughts, he cannot think for us. 

He only advises us to choose positive thoughts

However, the holy spirit has been given to us to aid us in this journey of life to walk in the purposes of God for us. 

Through our human effort, it could be hard to maintain a mindset free of worry and anxiety

But by God, it is very possible. That is why we must pray. 

Do prayers really work? 

Yes, prayers work.

The Bible is a documentary of the life of men and women who have walked with God and lived a victorious life.

We hear the story of Anna who prayed for years for the Messiah to come, and it did happen. 

We also read of Rachel who has been barren for years and cried before God to open her womb; her prayer was also answered. What about Elijah that prayed, and God sent down rain?

Even in our everyday life, God is ever willing to listen and answer us. We should therefore learn to pray always. 

Trust in God to calm your thoughts

The Bible compares the story of a man who prays but entertains doubts, like that man who built his house on sand and when the wind came, the fall was heavy and terrible. 

It then likens the man who prays and believes to a house built on a rock that stood the test of time. 

Our faith is as important as our prayers. Trust that God is particular about everything concerning you, including your thoughts

Trust that He who created your mind can always find a way to restore it to normalcy.

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