5 Prayers for Expectant Mothers – For Safe Delivery

5 Prayers for Expectant Mothers - For Safe Delivery

Pregnancy and delivery are some of the most beautiful yet distressing encounters in every woman’s life. The risks associated with these two periods are unimaginable, regardless of the technological advancements that the sector has made. 

From miscarriages to stillbirths, infections, depression, unprogressive labor, and excessive blessing, the issues are just numerous. If you’re a husband, sibling, parent, relative, colleague, or friend to an expectant mother, you have a divine duty to pray for them. 

Below are five prayers for safe pregnancy and delivery. Even if you don’t have a close one who is pregnant, millions of others in the world are and need your intercession. 

1) Short Prayer for Expectant Mothers

Short Prayer for Expectant Mothers
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“Heavenly Father, 

Thank You for continuing to show Your goodness and wonders through expectant mothers. Please let them have the endurance and strength that comes from above and keep them safe from all adversaries. 

I pray for safe delivery when the time arrives, asking You to remove all the worries and anxiety that may impact their courage. I believe You care for them and will make this journey free from complications. 

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

There’s a lot that happens in pregnancies. You can never be fully prepared for it all, even if it is your third or fourth. Amidst all this, we can only seek favor from the Lord, and He will make everything better.

Prayer does not only protect the mother but also the unborn child, laying forward a blessed life long before they’re born.

You can use the above sample to support an expectant mother in whatever phase of their pregnancy.

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2) Blessing Prayer for Expectant Mothers

Blessing Prayer for Expectant Mothers
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“Faithful God, 

You blessed the first human beings, Adam and Eve, to be fruitful and multiply, fill and subdue the earth, and have authority over the fish, birds, and every other creature on earth.

The order has been observed many years later, and today, (mention mother’s name) is the vessel of procreation. 

May You continue blessing her in ways she has never imagined as she awaits the birth of her baby. Guide and support her across this delicate experience and fill her with immense peace. 

In the name of Jesus, I pray and trust. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Entire nine months of carrying a little human in your body is never easy, even when it’s a planned pregnancy, not to mention when it’s not.

This is a global thing that doesn’t rely on age, race, religion, or any classification. You must have learned the struggles of pregnancy via personal or someone else’s experience, films, or books. 

Maybe you’ve been wondering how you can pray for expectant mothers on the trip to meet their bundle of joy. Ask the Lord to guard their health, increase their wisdom, multiply their endurance and peace of mind, and, above all, fill them with hope and confidence.

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3) Prayer for Expectant Mothers – Peace and Strength

Prayer for Expectant Mothers - Peace and Strength
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“Gracious Father, 

We bow down and worship You, for You have shown Your miracles through (expectant mother’s name). You have planted a seed of love in her womb and soon she will be called a mother. 

May You grant her the peace she desires so she and the baby can remain healthy and beautiful. We pray for immeasurable strength in all the trimesters and during delivery. 

(Mention mother’s name) will come out of the labor room as a warrior in the mighty name of Jesus. 


Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Being at peace during pregnancy lets the child develop in a friendly, happy, and calm environment.

That’s why medical experts strongly advocate for this quality by encouraging expectant mothers not to engage themselves in scenarios that would lead to chaos. 

On the other hand, strength remains essential in pregnancy as it keeps one going when everything feels overwhelming. Remember to mention these two whenever you think of someone pregnant. 

The Lord reassures Joshua of His guidance and support when leading the Israelites to Canaan, saying, “Haven’t I commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Don’t fear, for the Lord will be with you wherever you go.”

Declare this scripture upon every pregnant woman, and watch how unfazed they’ll be.

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4) Prayer for Courage for Expectant Mothers 

Prayer for Courage for Expectant Mothers
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“Jesus, my Redeemer, 

We come before You with a thankful heart for the blessings of pregnancy through (mention mother’s name).

Lord, we pray that You may grant her the courage that she needs to navigate the waves. Help her grow physically, spiritually, and every other aspect that adequately prepares her for parenting.

Teach her to see You as the only source of encouragement and comfort when frustrations kick in. 

Thank You for being with her always. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

When expecting, you can easily feel helpless and overwhelmed even by the ‘smallest’ things around you. This is often because of the general body changes, anxiety, and uncertainty associated with this period.

But, you can be sure that the Lord will encourage every expectant mother amidst emotional instability and hormonal changes. 

This prayer for courage can also help uplift a husband whose wife is pregnant, as they are required to be more confident.

Incorporating prayers in the pregnancy journey also fosters a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit and assures protection for the unborn child, their parents, and everyone else. 

5) Prayer for Hope for Expectant Mothers 

Prayer for Hope for Expectant Mothers
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“My Father, My Refuge, My Solace, 

I run to You this moment with a grateful heart to bring all expectant mothers before You.

First, thank You for such a beautiful blessing You have given to (mention mother’s name), who is carrying a miracle inside of her. Now, I rely on You to fill her with hope for tomorrow and more days to come. 

Do not let her give up or feel burdened in the process, but reassure her that everything is in Your control if she trusts You. Allow nothing to worry her, even during childbirth and throughout parenting. 

In the name of Jesus, I pray and believe. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Hope is such a vital requirement in the life of every believer, but more crucial for pregnant mothers. During this phase, there’s so much ringing in their minds, from worrying if they got everything together to how the birth will be and many more issues. 

Hence, they can quickly become hopeless, especially when they don’t receive much support from their loved ones. It doesn’t matter if you’re a neighbor, friend, or just a believer; the Lord rewards those who pray for others, as mentioned in Galatians 6:2.

Speak Romans 15:13 upon them all, saying:

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

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Can I Pray These Prayers for Any Pregnant Woman?

A HUGE YES! You can confidently say these prayers for every expectant woman, even if you don’t have any close relations. Pregnancy is a uniform experience for all women- beautiful and stressful, although there may be a few differences depending on personal perspective. 

Therefore, when saying your daily prayers or interceding for a pregnant woman you know, be sure to tag along with every other across the globe.

They may not know you’re praying for them, but your intercession will go a long way in protecting and blessing their pregnancy and life afterward. 

Will These Prayers Really Help a Pregnant Woman?

Absolutely! These prayers can certainly help a pregnant woman. It’s believed that whenever you say these prayers, God will offer an answer to the person you’ve interceded for.

The answer can be in many ways, like a smooth pregnancy, a healthy child, and many other blessings as the years pass. 

While these prayers are so effective, you can show further support by helping in other ways, like with chores, sending gifts, purchasing and preparing healthy meals, responding positively to their concerns, and just being available. 

Words of affirmation and taking them on nature walks (don’t forget to pass by their favorite snack shop) would uplift their moods and make the journey even more adorable. 


Babies are made out of love and flourish under the wings and feathers of unity, peace, confidence, and, above all, prayers. Hopefully, the above samples will be helpful as you strive to bless and uplift that expectant mother in your life and beyond

Remember to put into practice the rest of the tips so you can show love and support during this fragile trip to parenting.

They may forget the morning sicknesses, endless waves of nausea, baby kicks, or how the actual pregnancy period was as days proceed, but they will always remember you were there for them.

And it doesn’t end there; keep up this power of prayers after the baby is born and as they grow older

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