7 Prayers for a Dog Who Died and Dog in Heaven

7 Prayers for a Dog Who Died and Dog in Heaven

Dogs are not just animals or pets. They are members of a family. It can be traumatic to lose them.

It took me 2 years to finally get over the loss of my beloved dog, ruffy. Over the years, I have observed how dogs and humans share a deep relationship.

If you are just like me, who loves my dogs so much, then, this article is for you. I want to share the different prayers to say when your dog dies.

Have you also recently lost a dog? Firstly, I sympathize with you for that loss. It is not easy to lose something so valuable and loyal. However, let me share powerful prayers you can say on behalf of the dog’s soul.

Just like humans, we can say prayers for the souls of animals because they also travel into the afterlife

Read on to find out the 7 special prayers for a dog who died and for a dog in heaven.

1) Prayer for a dog who died

Prayer for a dog who died
Prayer to print

“Heavenly Father,

The death of (pet’s name) happened all of a sudden, and I might not be certain if my precious pet had lived a good life with me. Still, I humbly ask you, through these heartfelt prayers for losing a pet, Lord, to wrap my beloved companion and his lovely little body in your loving embrace and grant him the same unconditional love you have for me as your child. 

Wipe my tears, Lord God, and allow my pet’s death to be a living reminder of the relationship and the memories we had together here on earth. I pray this prayer in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”


This special prayer is a way for us to reconnect with ourselves during a moment of grief. It is a time when we relish the moments we spent with the recently passed dog. 

When you say this prayer, ensure the memories of your lost dog fill your heart. This makes the prayer more effective.

You can start by first thanking God for the opportunity to bring such a dog to you. Thank the soul of the dog for being a good companion during its sojourn in the physical world. 

This special prayer can be therapeutic as well. When done with faith and full concentration, you will find the strength and courage to survive these difficult emotional moments.

If you are lost for words concerning how to articulate your words for this prayer, then, read below to find answers to that.

2) Prayer for a dog in heaven

Prayer for a dog in heaven
Prayer to print

“Dear God, please take care of my dog (pet’s name) who is in heaven, by Your side. He/she lived a blessed life by our side, so make his/her afterlife happy.

Protect (pet’s name) in heaven, allow him/her to continue to be happy by your side and besides other dogs who are also in heaven.

Bless the life and death of (pet’s name), now and forever. Amen”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

By now, you must have been sure that the soul of your dog has finally crossed over into heaven. This should be more than 30 days since you lost your beloved dog. 

If your dog recently died, then, this prayer is not for you. The reason is that you are sure if the soul has passed into heaven or not.

The prayer for a dog in heaven also strengthens the connection and bond you have with your dog. It is responsible for keeping your soul strong during moments of grief. 

When you say this prayer, ensure you ask God to keep your dog comfortable. Since this creature was your pet while on earth, it will be lonely and might have to wait for you – no matter how long you live.

This is why you should also ask God to keep the dog safe, warm, and not lonely in heaven.

3) Short prayer for losing a dog

Short prayer for losing a dog
Prayer to print

“Jesus, Prince of Peace, my dog is in need of peace in this ill-fated time. Please comfort my dog and take away their pain or fear. Please also bring peace to me during this time, Lord.

My heart is tired and prepared for grief. Please bring stillness to my soul. As I near this time of death may I be reminded of Your comforting hand placed on my heart.

In Your peace-loving name, Amen.”


Losing a dog is difficult. Sometimes, we feel deep heaviness in our souls that words cannot describe

However, there is a need to pray at such a moment. Since you do not have the strength for many words, you can go ahead to say the short prayers for losing a dog. 

This is a short and precise prayer. It goes straight to the point and does not waste your time. 

This prayer is a sign that you honor the soul of your dog, cherish its memories, and wish him well on his journey to the afterlife.

Sometimes, this prayer does not take up to 5 minutes

By reciting the words of prayer below, the time will be broken down into less than 3 minutes.

Also try these prayers for someone who died suddenly (you can pray them for your dog).

4) Dog’s prayer for when a dog dies

Dog's prayer for when a dog dies
Prayer to print

“My God, today I’m sad, I’m helpless, I don’t know what to do, what to think and not knowing how to act anymore, because I lost (pet’s name).

That dog was very important to me, it was my great company, it was my support and it was the animal that I loved the most in this world.

I lost that dog, but also a part of me. That’s why I pray to you, my God, to give me strength, light and comfort for my heart. I pray to You, my God, to help me through this difficult time of grief in my life.

Please, my God, take care of (pet’s name), don’t let anything bad happen to him and let him have a happy afterlife.

Help me to overcome this phase in my life, it helps me to be happy, move forward and live my life.


Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

This is the first spiritual rite that should be performed immediately after your dog dies. I know you will weep. However, don’t miss this first prayer.

As the soul of your dog ascends, ensure you accompany it with this dog’s prayer. This will serve as a companion and also aids its quick ascension into heaven.

At this point, thanking God for the life of the dog will not cross your mind. Therefore, don’t bother about it. 

Just get straight to the point by blessing the soul of the dog as it leaves its body and also praying for it to rest in peace. 

5) Prayer for the dog that passed away to have peace

Prayer for the dog that passed away to have peace
Prayer to print

“God the Father, today I don’t pray to ask you for something for me, but for my dog that died (pet’s name).

My dog recently passed away and all I want is for you to protect him/her. All I want is for you to guide him/her to heaven, to light and happiness.

Allow my dog (dog’s name) to have peace, quiet and light from now on. Guide my dog to heaven, to the side of other dogs that have passed away, so that he/she may live happily in eternity.


Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

When a dog dies, it is believed to wait at the gate of heaven for its owner to join it. That is, even if it will take 80 years, the dog will remain there. 

Imagine such a type of trauma! 

Trust me, I don’t want my dog to go through such a situation.

This is why I did my research and found this powerful prayer for peace.

Once you lose your dog, begin to ask God to grant peace to its soul. Doing this will allow the dog into heaven, and put it in a state of bliss even while he awaits you.

If you need God’s help, you should try these beautiful prayers.

6) Prayer for a dog who died of cancer

Prayer for a dog who died of cancer
Prayer to print

“God the Father, with all your strength, with all your powers and with all your miracles, allow my deceased dog (dog’s name) to come to your side after his/her painful death from cancer.

Allow my dog to stay by your side and find eternal rest in heaven. Don’t let (dog’s name) suffer more, live longer in illness and live longer in suffering.

Please, allow my dog (dog’s name) to have a life in Heaven full of peace, quiet and happiness.


Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

This must have been a painful experience for the dog

Therefore, you should pray for it. Firstly, thank God for taking away the pain by releasing the soul of the dog from its body. 

Afterwards, tender your request to God by asking Him to heal the spirit and soul of the dog that has been tormented by cancer.

With this prayer, you will be motivated and encouraged to move on with your life – knowing fully well that the soul of your dog has been freed from pain forever. 

Say these prayers for your dog right now.

7) Prayer for my dog to rest in eternity

Prayer for my dog to rest in eternity
Prayer to print

“Querido Deus, rezo-te hoje com o coração cheio de fé e carinho. Estou numa fase de sofrimento, pois perdi o meu cachorro (nome do cachorro), que era muito importante para mim. Porém, em vez de me focar no meu sofrimento, queria me focar no futuro do meu cachorro no céu.

Quero ter a certeza que (nome do cachorro) vai ter um futuro feliz, mesmo após a morte, e que vai ter o descanso que merece no céu, ao teu lado.

É por isso que Te estou a rezar esta oração, para Te pedir que (nome do cachorro) descanse em paz na eternidade.

Permite que (nome do cachorro) descanse em paz, ao lado de outros cachorros que também falecerem, e que tenha uma vida após a morte com paz, amor e alegria.


Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Every soul on earth wants to rest in peace. However, it is our prayers for these souls that assist them in this quest. Such is the same for your dog. 

The prayer for your dog to rest in eternity is a spiritual type of prayer. It ensures that the soul of your dog travels into the afterlife and is accepted into heaven. 

This is also a way for you to create a connection with your dead dog. Through this, you can express your love for the soul of the dog in heaven.

Can I pray for someone else’s dog?

Yes, you can pray for someone else’s dog.

This might be the dog of your friend, family member, or even the dog of your neighbor. Sometimes, we share a special connection with dogs that don’t necessarily belong to us. 

When such a dog dies, we have the responsibility to pray for it. Just ensure you make it clear in your prayer points that you are praying for the dog of the person.

Will these prayers help my dog who passed away?

Yes, these prayers will help your dog that has passed away. It will help your dog to feel special and loved.

With this feeling, the soul of your dog will be rest assured to go into the afterlife – knowing fully well that its memories are cherished on earth.

Saying these prayers for your dog is a blessing.

Can I start praying right now?

Yes, you can start praying right now. Speak to God about your dog. 

All the prayers given in this article are powerful and effective – all proven and tested to be genuine.

Therefore, say them out loud with no exceptions.

Trust in God’s Powers

You cannot see what goes on in the spirit world – except through visions, which are given by the sovereign act of God.

Therefore, it only takes faith and genuine trust in God to believe that our prayers are answered. As you say these prayers for your dog, trust in God’s powers to bring them to pass and grant your dog eternal rest.

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    my dog name hapee passe away on haloween im broken my chest hurt everyday i had her for11 years shes my everythingi ts been two months i have not seen her i dont know what im going to do with my life im trying the best i can to move on but i cant im so heart broken i pray the god that someday i will jave her again my place where she live for 11 years does not feel he same no matter what i dont even g home anymore its been two months i have not leep on my room cause thats where she sleeps with me fo 11 yers she died in my arms she took her last breath while she on my arm how im goin to start my life without her like today i have so much to do but i cant do anything i try to lay down on my bed but i cant focus on everything its almost chritmas and im missingher pls god forgive me for what im being not strong and forgive me hapee if im issing you so much we will see each othe again i love you so much hapee its mom

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