9 Prayers Against Demoniac Spirits and Attacks

Prayers Against Demoniac Spirits and Attacks

Though we barely see it, a significant battle occurs in our world from day to day as the devil and his agents strive to win souls. The devil applies various ways to attack God’s creation, and we have to fight back and win at all costs

Prayer is the most effective tactic for fighting demoniac attacks and spirits over our loved ones. Besides strengthening our relationship with Jesus, prayers enable us to stand firm in faith and later celebrate victory in the kingdom of God

Praying over demoniac spirits and attacks has never been easy but will hopefully be made more smooth with the prayers that this blog is about to bring forward. 

1) Short Prayer against a Spiritual Attack

Short Prayer against a Spiritual Attack
Prayer to print

“Dear God, 

I kneel before Your Mighty hands, asking for Your immense strength and protection against any spiritual attack that may follow me. Please shield me with Your love and cover me from all the negativities and harm. 

Lord, send Your angels to defend and surround my life daily and protect me against the forces of darkness seeking to destroy my relationship with You. 

I trust that Your power and goodness will be by my side every day, and I shall overcome this attack. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

A spiritual attack is one of the most frustrating and distressing experiences.

Whether it’s an attack on your peace of mind, relationships, or health, fighting back with prayers and remembering that God is always by your side is essential

Besides praying, stay grounded in faith and seek support from others such as parents, guardians, or religious leaders. You can overcome the frustrations and emerge victorious in Jesus’ name

Praying against spiritual attacks existed long before Jesus’ crucifixion. He prayed to God to eliminate the cup (a spiritual attack He knew was approaching) from Him in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:39). 

2) Prayer against a Demoniac Attack on the Body

Prayer against a Demoniac Attack on the Body
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“Omnipotent God, 

I bow in praise and worship before You, covering myself with the blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ. I surrender every part of my life entirely to You, standing against all the dealings of Satan that would affect my faith. 

In the name of Lord Jesus Christ, I command the devil to leave my body and welcome Your mighty hand to cover me from more attacks. 

Father, I worship You, for You’re worthy of all the praises. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

In the Kingdom of God, Christians are, by default, in a battle with the devil and his minions.

The struggle can often be started by people or particular circumstances, and it can negatively affect your relationships, finances, reputation, and family.

But because you hold a special position in the Kingdom, God has given you the power and strength to address the demons and fight them until you become the winner through prayers. 

As Paul said in Ephesians 6:12:

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

I believe you should also pray these powerful prayers for strength.

3) Powerful Prayer against Satan

Powerful Prayer against Satan
Prayer to print

“Heavenly Father, 

I come before You today in the mighty name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, declaring that I have victory over Satan and his devious plans. I rebuke every scheme of the devil to steal, kill, and destroy my life, family, and community. 

I humbly ask You to break every chain that Satan has placed over my mind, spirit, and body and shower me with the blood of Jesus. I resist every deception, lie, and temptation Satan throws over my life and declare myself more than a conqueror. 

Thank You, Lord, for You have done it. In Jesus’ name, I pray and believe. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Satan is outpowered, outwitted, and outmatched but not stupid. Therefore, never underestimate his cunning power, as God has given you authority over him through Jesus Christ

God’s word, the Bible, is the sword and armor against all the temptations, accusations, and dealing of the evil one.

As you pray against Satan, speak 2 Thessalonians 3:3 into your life and remind yourself that God is faithful and will strengthen and protect you from all evils. 

But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.

Another Bible Verse that reminds us about the power of God when we face battles includes James 4:7, which says:

“Submit yourself, then, to God. Confront the devil, and he will run away from you.”

4) Prayer against Enemy Attack 

Prayer against Enemy Attack
Prayer to print


I come before Your throne today in worship, thanking You for the gift of life and health. I pray for Your protection and guidance, asking You to shield me from attacks from my enemies. 

God, I acknowledge that You’re Omnipotent and trust that You will help me overcome all the obstacles in my life. I pray that You guide me in all my ways and grant me the wisdom to discern any schemes that my enemies may strive to employ against me. 

I pray this in faith and trust through Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

As human beings, we may experience difficulties and frustrations in our daily lives initiated by our enemies in different ways.

Whichever form of attack the enemy sends your way, you can be assured of maximum protection, guidance, and strength through prayers. 

God is always ready to listen to our petitions and answer if we trust Him. As you pray against attacks by your enemies, show them compassion and love as instructed in Matthew 5:44

To accomplish positive outcomes from your prayers, you must act righteously and believe and trust in yourself and God.

These prayers to cast out demons from your life are really powerful!

5) Prayer against Demoniac Attacks in Dreams 

Prayer against Demoniac Attacks in Dreams 
Prayer to print

“Dear God, 

Thank You for blessing me with another night, healthy and alive under the sun. However, I have been experiencing demoniac attacks every time I lie on this bed to sleep. 

At this moment, I pray for the grace and ability to sleep and wake up peacefully, rebuking every spirit of insomnia due to demoniac attacks. In the name of Jesus Christ, I put my entire trust in You throughout the night, sealing myself with His blood. 

I scatter every Satanic gathering summoned regarding me as I sleep. In Jesus’ name, I pray and believe. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Demoniac attacks in one’s dream are not in any way fun and are often terrifying.

They can leave you exhausted the next day and afraid to sleep for a few nights, negatively affecting your work schedules, relationships, and spiritual stability. 

As a Christian, you know that freedom lies in the hands of God through prayers because He loves us and comforts us in every difficulty, no matter how complex it appears. 

Even better, you can play some worship music at a low volume across the night to fill the space with God’s presence and power.

Reading Bible Verses before sleep has also been proven effective in fighting against demoniac attacks in one’s dreams. 

6) Short Prayer against Controlling Spirits

Short Prayer against Controlling Spirits
Prayer to print

“Father God, 

I kneel before You today with a heavy heart, asking for Your divine intervention against these controlling spirits attacking me. I ask for Your discernment and wisdom to enable me to identify any parts of my life that may be susceptible to the influence of such spirits. 

I know I do not stand alone in this battle, and I trust that I will overcome all the hostile forces in my life with Your power. I thank You for hearing my petition and believe You will protect me. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

We humans sometimes encounter situations where we feel like our words and actions are being controlled negatively by spirits or external forces beyond our power.

In such times, we must remember that we have a God to cry to for protection, strength, and guidance

Even when you don’t know where to stay, just speak Isaiah 54:17 upon your life, declaring that no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper, and you shall refute every tongue that accuses you falsely in Jesus’ name. 

You shouldn’t just pray when your life is in danger spiritually but make prayers a part of your daily routine, asking God for protection, strength, and guidance not to fall victim to evil forces. 

7) Powerful Prayer against Demons

Powerful Prayer against Demons
Prayer to print

“Lord my Shepherd, 

Thank You for Your immeasurable goodness and grace over my life. However, God, the body and home You blessed me with have become a spiritual war ground daily and night as I fight against demoniacs attacks. 

Your word tells me in 2 Chronicles 7:14 to call upon Your name, and I shall be healed. Today, I come before Your mighty eyes, praying that You send Your angels to fight this battle on behalf of Your child. 

I take shelter under Your arms, waiting for You to take the lead. Please bring back my peace of mind and comfort in Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Feeling the presence of demons in your life can be terrifying, and all you wish to do is to run away forever.

No! You can’t leave your hard-earned space over a demoniac infestation when you can pray against it. 

This is when you should stand more firm in prayer while trusting and believing that God will get you out of the disaster

Ask God to maintain Your steadfast love and faith in Him to win whatever spiritual battles you’re undergoing and bring glory and honor to His name even though the devil wants to destroy you (1 Peter 5:8).

Also try these prayers to bind the enemy.

8) Prayer against Demons that Follow You

Prayer against Demons that Follow You
Prayer to print


I come before You with a troubled spirit, crying for your ample protection and guidance over my life. Lately, I feel like demons and hostile forces are following me every step I take, impacting me awfully. 

I ask for Your divine intervention, praying that You may send Your angels to guard and watch over me as I carry out my duties. I cut any ties the devil and his agents may have made concerning my life. 

Thank You for Your love and goodness. In Jesus’ name, I pray and trust. Amen.’

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Anyone who seeks to maintain a healthy relationship with God through prayers is a principal target for demonic attacks.

The Bible says that the enemy would do anything to discourage Christians in their faith and make them feel defeated and hopeless.

However, Jesus promises His righteous ones that they can survive and emerge winners in such battles, for He is the way, the truth, and the life. 

Your primary role as a Christian being followed by demons is to remain firm in prayers

9) Short Prayer against Demoniac Spirit Attacks

Short Prayer against Demoniac Spirit Attacks
Prayer to print

“Dear Father, 

I bow before Your throne today, seeking protection from all sorts of attacks by demoniac spirits that may come my way. I pray that You may surround me with Your divine love and light and cover me from all forces of darkness and negative energies. 

I declare myself a child of God and have the power to overcome the devil’s plans regarding my precious life. I pray that You fill me with joy, peace, and love and guide me toward righteousness. 

I pray this through the name of Jesus, who died for our sins. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Are you in a spiritual battle, and it’s negatively impacting more than your peace of mind and relationships with workmates and friends? As troublesome and crippling as it may appear, Jesus has already victoriously won the battle for you

As a Christian, since spiritual warfare is unpredictable, you should constantly wear your armor of faith in God and fight back through prayers and Scriptures.

You can join a Bible study group for physical and emotional support during these frustrating times.

Before you leave, also try these prayers for getting closer to God right now.

Will These Prayers Really Protect Me?

Absolutely! The Bible says in Mark 11:24 that whatever you ask in prayer and believe you have received, God shall do it for you.

Therefore, remain hopeful that God will hear your petitions and answer as you pray for protection against demoniac spirits and attacks. 

Can Anyone Pray the Prayers?

Yes! Prayers against demoniac spirits and attacks can be made by anyone regardless of age, gender, social status, or spiritual background. God listens to all prayers. 

Should I Pray the Prayers Every Day?

Yes! The devil is always roaming around, seeking to steal, destroy, and kill innocent souls.

To keep yourself constantly protected, you can say the above prayers every day, maybe before sleeping and when you wake up

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, followers of Jesus Christ can never run away from spiritual battles. In fact, the more you seek to live for God, the higher you become a target of enemy attacks. 

The good thing is that God gave us a tool to protect ourselves against such attacks daily, and we have faith it will never fail us-prayer. Hopefully, the above pieces will help you keep your eyes on Jesus Christ and his steadfast love. 

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