5 St. Peregrine Prayers for Cancer – Cancer Patients

5 St. Peregrine Prayers for Cancer - Cancer Patients

Warning: None of the prayers in this article are intended to replace the need for professional medical monitoring, medical examinations, diagnoses or treatments. You should always consult your doctor and seek professional help.

Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the most devastating encounters for anyone.

It’s even worse because you could have gone to the hospital for a general checkup only to come across that tearing statement, “It is cancer!”

According to the Catholic doctrine, St. Peregrine is the patron of cancer patients, alongside other severe illnesses. Believers pray to him for healing and restoration of health from the Lord.

If you’re ailing from cancer or know someone who is, you can always use these five prayers to find hope. 

1) Short Saint Peregrine Prayer for Someone with Cancer

Short Saint Peregrine Prayer for Someone with Cancer
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“O Great Saint Peregrine, 

Whom the Holy Mother of the Church chose as the patron of cancer patients, we courageously turn to you, interceding for (mention person’s name). He/she has been diagnosed with (specify) cancer, and it’s slowly deteriorating his/her health. 

Please save him/her from this sickness and make him/her whole again. We pray for forgiveness of whatever shortcomings he/she may have committed to cost him/her these tribulations.

Remind (mention person’s name) to remain thankful to the Most High in all encounters. 

In Jesus’ name, we pray and believe. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

There is always a special experience or instance that results in someone becoming a saint. You may be wondering how St. Peregrine became the special host for cancer prayers and intercessions. Here is the story:

Peregrine was not a saint but a Servite priest until he was attacked by a deadly spreading cancer in his leg.

It was so heartbreaking and painful that he had to undergo an amputation to remove the foul leg. The priest spent long hours praying for restoration the night before the operation. 

In response to the devotion, he received a vision from Jesus, who touched the ailing leg and completely healed it upon waking up.

This miraculous encounter pushed Peregrine to spend the rest of his years preaching to the sick. The Church and fellow priests look at him as the patron saint of cancer and more serious diseases today.

Read these short prayers for someone dying of cancer.

2) St. Peregrine Prayer to Give Strength during Cancer Treatment

St. Peregrine Prayer to Give Strength during Cancer Treatment
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“O, Holy Saint Peregrine, 

We come before you this hour, asking you to watch over every cancer patient out there. As they undergo the painful and complex treatment process, may you continue strengthening them. 

Today, I pray for someone who I really care about, (mention person’s name). Fill him/her with the hope that he/she will one day, which is soon, be healed, regardless of how impossible it appears. Make the medicine administered to him/her work and continue guiding the doctors to do the right thing. 

In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

The process of cancer treatment is undoubtedly frustrating.

From regular chemotherapies to endless checkups and huge stacks of medicine waiting to be consumed, one can easily give up along the way.

If you know someone going through this, it’s important to ask the Lord to continue strengthening them all through

Do not give them a chance to think and feel lonely in this unimaginable battle, but continue interceding on their behalf. Speak James 5:15 upon them:

And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven.”

Try these miracle prayers for someone going into surgery for cancer.

3) Prayer to Saint Peregrine to Help Someone with Cancer  

Prayer to Saint Peregrine to Help Someone with Cancer
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“O Mighty Wonder Worker, 

We honor you because you’ve continued to intercede for the people of God to find healing from cancer and other illnesses. We cannot stop believing in your dedication to ensure everyone finds hope before the Lord. 

Pray for the sick so they may be consoled in the loneliness of this suffering. Ask the Lord to increase their faith so they may get the strength to pray for themselves. 

Saint Peregrine, I pray for (mention person’s name) who is fighting a terrible cancer. May you give him/her the strength to keep going and remove any cancer from his/her body. Heal (mention person’s name) as you have healed so many others.

Saint Peregrine graciously hear us. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

There is no sickness that’s greater before the Lord, for He promises in Jeremiah 30:17 that Hewill restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the Lord, ’because you are called an outcast, Zion for whom no one cares.”

In fact, the entire chapter of Jeremiah 30 speaks about the restoration of Israel (God’s people) during suffering (cancer). 

Even though, in many cases, the suffering of Israelites was self-inflicted following their disobedience of God’s commands, you can use this scripture to declare healing of cancer upon someone.

Do not forget to pray for their forgiveness of sins because, in the Lord, we find redemption.

Also try these healing prayers for breast cancer.

4) Prayer to St. Peregrine for Cancer Healing

Prayer to St. Peregrine for Cancer Healing
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“Holy Patron of Cancer, 

Thank you for always praying for our healing. Today, we draw near you, seeking further intercession to restore health, placing (mention person’s name) and every cancer patient in your thoughts.

May you help them remember that there’s a God who heals all sicknesses no matter how impossible they appear. May they face this journey with great faith, hope, and courage, thinking about nothing but healing. 

We ask this in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

All types of cancer are devastating and require faithful prayers, whether pancreatic, lung, liver, colon, thyroid, or breast cancer.

It’s never an easy journey for the patients, not forgetting the close family members who have a lot to handle during this period. 

That’s why your daily prayers should never miss a cry for the healing of cancer patients (and everyone else suffering from terminal and common diseases).

As a close friend or family, you should show continued support besides prayers to ensure they don’t give up

For instance, be physically available to visit them in the hospital when they’re admitted or help them drive for checkups. You can also offer emotional support through constant reassurance that they will be healed in Jesus’ name.

Also pray these special prayers for a friend with cancer.

5) Prayer to St. Peregrine for One Suffering from Cancer

Prayer to St. Peregrine for One Suffering from Cancer
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“Loving Saint Peregrine, 

You have been a pillar of faith to many believers, especially cancer patients. Today, we seek your intercession for the Lord to stretch His powerful hand upon everyone battling a cancerous disease. 

We speak healing on (mention person’s name)’s behalf and every cancer patient, believing they’ll soon be restored.

May the Lord stop the disease from spreading further to their bodies and ‘kill’ all the cells. We also pray that the doctors may never become weary of caring for the patients. 

In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.”

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

The word of God is full of promises of healing all sicknesses, including cancer. Prayer is the only practical way to seek this healing because it has already been promised in Psalm 41:3, which says:

The Lord strengthens them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.”

The cancer journey is not only distressing for the patients but also for the world at large. Take the responsibility of seeking God’s power and restoration for these tough times, even for people you’re not closely related to.

Do not forget to mention the medical professionals, as they’re tasked with ensuring the patient’s health is never at stake through the medications and procedures.

Before you leave, save these prayers for speedy recovery for someone.

Will St. Peregrine Really Listen to My Request?

Yes! St. Peregrine will listen to your request for cancer patients and indeed intercede for them to our Lord and Father. However, you should note that faith has a crucial influence on the effectiveness of the prayers. 

For instance, as you intercede for cancer patients, you must acknowledge God’s power to heal whatever sickness, as confirmed in 2 Chronicles 7:14:

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Can I Say Prayers for Anyone Who is Sick?

Why not? You can say these prayers for anyone who is battling whatever illness, including terminal and life-threatening ones.

There’s so much power in intercessory prayers, even when you don’t have a close connection to the person.

We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers.” — 1 Thessalonians 1:2.

Use these prayers on a friend, sibling, relative, colleague, or neighbor when they fall sick, and God will heal them.

Furthermore, continue praying for medical experts to find the best cure for several diseases like cancer. They address the wounds, but the Lord is the healer of every sickness


Are you or anyone you know battling cancer or other severe health diagnosis? The above prayers can open doors of healing, strength, and hope from the Lord during this heavy time.

They can also be an opportunity to deepen your walk with the Lord as you dive into the word.

Besides prayers, you can support the patients by participating in campaigns organized concerning particular diseases and celebrating events like World Cancer Day (February 4th).

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