Padre Pio Healing Prayer: Most Powerful Original Prayer

Padre Pio Healing Prayer: Most Powerful Original Prayer

Warning: None of the prayers in this article are intended to replace the need for professional medical monitoring, medical examinations, diagnoses or treatments. You should always consult your doctor and seek professional help.

God has been fulfilling his divine mandate on earth through many of His servants.

Men and women that have yielded themselves in total submission to God and His purposes on earth have been able to continue the work of our lord Jesus Christ. As stated in the book of Luke that Jesus Christ came to proclaim good news to the poor, freedom for the prisoners, recovery of sight to the blind and to set the captives free. 

Padre Pio was one of those servants. He lived His entire life devoted to God in prayer, meditation and service.

As a result, he became a carrier of so many spiritual gifts that drew a lot of souls to Him

Healing of the sick was one of them and it was recorded that His healing was like that of Christ Himself for he gave the command and the sick were restored to health. 

The prayers of healing given by Padre were believed to be inspired by the holy spirit, and it is evident in the positive results obtained by many devotees. 

Who is Padre Pio?

Padre Pio
Padre Pio – Wikipedia

Padre Pio, whose official name is Francesco Forgione, is an Italian priest of the Roman Catholic Church. 

He was devoted to God at a very young age and proceeded to join the Capuchin order at the age of 15 where he took up “Pio” as his name in honor of St. Pius 1. 

He became a priest in 1910. It was that same year that he received the stigmata for the first time. Though it later healed. 

Padre was drafted into the Italian military to render medical services during the first World War, but He was discharged as a result of His ill health

It was during that period he received the stigmata for the second time. This time around, the wound remained till His death. This was attributed to His holy and virtuous lifestyle

There were other signs too, which include: His gift of healing and being in two places at a time. All of these drew many pilgrims to him. 

Padre Pio was known for his strong devotion to God and charitability till his death on the 23rd of September 1968. He spent a lot of time with God in prayers and meditations, and this was attributed to being the reason for his numerous spiritual gifts

He was canonized on June 16, 2002, by Pope John Paul 11.

Original Padre Pio Healing Prayer

Original Padre Pio Healing Prayer
Prayer to print

“Heavenly Father, I thank you for loving me. I thank you for sending your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, to the world to save and to set me free. I trust in your power and grace that sustain and restore me.

Loving Father, touch me now with your healing hands, for I believe that your will is for me to be well in mind, body, soul and spirit. Cover me with the most precious blood of your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.

Cast anything that should not be in me. Root out any unhealthy and abnormal cells. Open any blocked arteries or veins and rebuild and replenish any damaged areas. Remove all inflammation and cleanse any infection by the power of Jesus’ precious blood.

Let the fire of your healing love pass through my entire body to heal and make new any diseased areas so that my body will function the way you created it to function. Touch also my mind and my emotion, even the deepest recesses of my heart.

Saturate my entire being with your presence, love, joy and peace and draw me ever closer to you every moment of my life. And Father, fill me with your Holy Spirit and empower me to do your works so that my life will bring glory and honor to your holy name. I ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Padre Pio Healing Prayer

What is Padre Pio’s prayer for?

The Padre Pio prayer is a healing prayer to God that has produced miraculous results in the life of a lot of devotees who engaged with the prayers with faith. 

It is said meditatively in reverence to God and total surrender to His healing power.

You can say them for any kind of sickness or ill health for supernatural healing.

Is this prayer really powerful?

Yes, this is a very powerful prayer.

St Padre Pio has been used by God to heal a lot of persons that are afflicted in their bodies. These prayers were inspired by the holy spirit and there have been proven results

When you say these prayers with faith, you are bound to receive divine healing in your body.

When should I pray Padre Pio’s prayer?

You should say these prayers whenever you need God’s healing. You can also say them for a sick friend or acquaintance

When you say these prayers, you should do so with faith, believing that God can heal you and Padre Pio can intercede for you in the presence of God. 

Can I start praying right now?

Yes, you can start praying right now

Most of the time, a disease can be in the body but will fail to manifest. In the Padre Pio prayer, there is a line that calls to mind those sicknesses you might not be aware of. 

Padre Pio’s prayer is a prayer of committing our health to the hands of God. With the awareness that God wants us to be healthy in the body, mind and soul, you can say this prayer at all times, surrendering your health to God. 

Pray Right now with great faith!

The padre Pio’s prayer has recorded tremendous success in the lives of many believers. People that engaged in this prayer with faith received their healing. 

Though Padre Pio is the servant that God used, it is still God that heals. Therefore, when you say these prayers with faith in God and His servant, you will receive the healing of Jesus for your body. 

Believe in the power of God and the faithfulness of His servant and you will be among the many that will testify.

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