7 Blessing Prayers for Veterans and Veterans Day 2023

7 Blessing Prayers for Veterans

Are you seeking some inspirational prayers for veterans? Serving in the military isn’t just a job, it is a calling and a great sacrifice to serve one’s country to the point of death.

It is not easy being in the military, and it’s definitely not easy being a veteran. Those men and women need our respect and prayers. 

Praying for veterans who selflessly served our country brings a heart of gratitude and glory to the Lord. Therefore, every petition for veterans is crucial, including blessing prayers.

Veterans gave themselves for our country, and we have the privilege to say blessing prayers for them in return

Let’s pray for our veterans!

Before you start, save these prayers for pleading the blood of Jesus.

1) Prayer for Veterans

Prayer for Veterans
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“Oh Lord, 

Please remember the great sacrifice of our veterans. They risked their lives in honor of our country, so we may live in peace. Bless them for their selfless acts, and bless their families as well. 

Uplift them whenever they feel lonely or overwhelmed and give them the grace to overcome any obstacles they may face. 

Also, please help their families support them and appreciate their sacrificial service to our country. 

In Christ ‘s name, I pray, Amen.”

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Praying for our veterans expresses thanksgiving for honorable men and women who sacrificed their own lives so that we can live in a safe country. We ask God to remember the struggles they may be facing post-military, and we pray for their families too

Veterans go through a lot of struggles. Some face battle scars such as deformities. Others struggle with psychological issues because of trauma and horrible experiences during battle. Some veterans even find it difficult to adjust to civilian life. 

Saying a blessing prayer for veterans will uplift them. Here is a Bible verse for encouragement as you pray for veterans:

I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.” — Ephesians 1:16.

2) Catholic Prayers for Veterans

Catholic Prayers for Veterans
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“Father God, 

Bless our veterans and all who give themselves to safeguard our freedom. And for those who bravely offered their lives in battle, may their souls rest eternally. We offer gratitude to our veterans. 

Holy Mary, Divine Mother, may you hold our dear veterans in your loving arms. Be their comfort and strength, especially in loneliness and desperation. 

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior,

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

We often welcome back our soldiers from overseas duty merrily and with lots of celebration. However, our veterans also need to know that we celebrate them

Veterans can be easily forgotten and taken for granted because of their old age. But these men and women are the histories that guaranteed the freedom we enjoy today. Veterans dedicated their lives for our nation, and we should honor them with our prayers. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to teach your young ones what the veterans did for our country.

They might not have been born when the veterans were serving, but they deserve to know the great work they did so they can recognize the importance of praying for veterans.   

3) Prayer for Blessing Veterans

Prayer for Blessing Veterans
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“Heavenly Father, 

Turn Your watchful eyes to the wonderful women and men who served in the military with great bravery, strength, honor and selflessness.

Bless them with health and prosperity for the peace and safety they granted us. Reward them with a thousand-fold for their sacrifice and service. 

Bestow upon them blessings far greater than their expectations. Reward them richly for their wonderful work. And for the fallen soldiers, let them wear many crowns of glory and honor in Heaven.


Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

What comes to mind when someone mentions veterans? Do you think of patriotism, loyalty, honor, sacrifice and freedom?

Let us remember with gratitude, every veteran who served with dignity. Pacing themselves in danger to protect the freedom of our nation. 

Many of us have veteran family members or know of veterans. This is better because it gives you the chance to make personal and detailed prayers for them rather than generic ones.

Call the veterans by their names as you pray and ask the Lord to bless them together with their families.  

As you enjoy freedom, remember that it was bought at a great cost by our veterans. Let us remember with a thankful heart everyone who served. 

4) Veterans Prayer: Thank You

Veterans Prayer: Thank You
Prayer to print

“Dear Lord Jesus, 

Your Word tells us to give thanks in all situations because this is Your will for Your children. I come before You with a heart of gratitude for the veterans who served our country while miles away from their loved ones. 

Thank You for their safe journey back home from overseas duties. I thank You for their protection and the protection of their families. My heart overflows with gratitude for Your goodness and mercy towards each veteran. 

I will continually remember them in my prayers.


Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

We are forever indebted to those brave people who put their lives on the line for people they don’t know. As we celebrate their duty and everything they sacrificed, we must share prayers of thanksgiving

These prayers for veterans are not just recitation of words but represent the coming together as a community to recognize and appreciate the relentless effort of our military veterans and speak blessings over them.

Each word in this prayer holds the power to uplift the lives of veterans. 

5) Prayer for Veterans Day 2023

Prayer for Veterans Day 2023
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“Oh Lord,

On this great day that is commemorated for the veterans, we honor these precious men and women who gave their everything when they were summoned to serve and protect our nation. 

We ask that You would bless them for their unselfish acts. Bless them greatly for the difficulties they encountered while in the military and the sacrifices they made. 

We celebrate them, we thank them, we respect them, and we are proud of them. Please watch over these extraordinary people and bless them with joy and peace. 

In Your name, we pray,

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

We celebrate Veterans Day every year on November 11. Though the date was marked as Armistice Day after the 1st World War ended in 1919, it has been commemorated as Veterans Day in the U.S. since 1954. 

Numerous people observe Veterans Day with ceremonies and parades that celebrate the dedication and sacrifice of those who served in the military forces.

You can also mark the day with Veterans Day prayers. There is no better way to honor a veteran than through prayer.

Whether you say it in the presence of a congregation or quietly as a parade passes by, prayers can offer a meaningful and productive way to connect you and veterans to God. You could also send a prayer note to a veteran you know to uplift them.   

6) Short Prayer for Veterans Day Service

Short Prayer for Veterans Day Service
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“God of Peace, 

As we gather here today for the Veterans Day Service, we pray that You bless all women and men who served our country in the military and armed forces. Grant recovery to those veterans who sustained injuries, whether in the body, mind or soul. 

Remembering John Paul II, as we honor the veterans of past wars, we pray for no more wars and the beginning of a new age of peace. 

Hear our prayer, Oh Lord,

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

When asked to pray for veterans during a commemoration service, this prayer can help guide you. It includes the reason that brought you together, to honor the veterans and ask God to bless all veterans everywhere for their dedication to the country

Remember that it’s crucial to pray for veterans everywhere, not only those you know or those in your country. Their selfless action shows an unexplainable fortitude and devotion.

Veterans pledge their allegiance in hopes of achieving peace in this world. Though not at the forefront with them, our prayers can uplift and rekindle their spirits

7) Beautiful Prayer for Veterans

Beautiful Prayer for Veterans
Prayer to print


I praise Your name for the honorable veterans who, through their unselfish acts, enabled us to live and worship You in freedom. 

Please let every veteran feel appreciated, loved and supported by all citizens. Let none be forgotten or taken for granted. Let every man and woman who served in the armed forces feel the deep gratitude of our country. 

In Your name, I pray,

Original StAgnes.net prayer. Copying prohibited, except with source.

Though beautiful prayers help us thank our veterans for their great work, they can also remind us that they need our support. Every veteran has a story to tell, and I’m sure if you spend time with some, you’ll know that they endure more than you think. 

Their “battle scars“, whether physical or emotional, can stick with them for life, changing their outlook on life. If not taken care of, veterans can live a life of loneliness and seclusion.

It is our responsibility as loyal citizens and loving Christians to take care of our veterans by praying for them and making them feel included in the community. 

Can I Only Say These Prayers on Veterans Day?

Not at all. Though Veterans Day is special for remembering and praying for those who served in the military, you can pray for them any day you feel to do so. Veterans need our prayers every day, not only on that special day. 

How Many Prayers Should I Say? 

You can say as many prayers as you want, as the Holy Spirit guides you. You can say a prayer of thanksgiving for the veterans, pray for their families, pray for the souls of the deceased veterans, and so much more. 

Can I Print These Prayers?

Absolutely. Printing the prayers makes it easier to derive when you need them. You could even have a prayer file where you store all our printed prayers so they don’t get lost. 

Final Thoughts

Many times, those who served in the military feel secluded and forgotten once they retire or finish their term. This is a calling for us Christians to keep remembering and praying for our veterans. They are precious souls who gave in large so that we can enjoy freedom. We owe veterans a deep debt.  

These uplifting prayers will help guide you to show gratitude for veterans. They can also encourage and comfort our dear veterans. 

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